Brave Rifles from F Troop, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, executed Military Operations in Urban Terrain training held Oct. 28 at Hargrove MOUT Facility on mastering the fundamentals and building cohesive teams.

Capt. James Cejka, Troop F  commander, said the purpose of the training at Fort Hood was to focus on the fundamentals of maneuvering in an urban environment at the team and squad level.

“Our training sustained momentum that we gained over the past month and focused on gaining trust and team building,” Cejka said.  “When entering and clearing any hallway or room, you must trust the Soldier to your left and right to cover their sector, so the team can be successful.  It requires a cohesive team to maneuver in a complex urban environment effectively.”

The Sabre Squadron troopers ran through multiple repetitions and focused on fundamentals during the training.

“This is a new environment, and we get to know each other’s habits, so when we face a situation, we know how we are going to react as a team,” Pvt. Alejandro Guerrero, an infantryman, with Troop F, said. “Training is what we like to do, and we enjoy this type of training. It helps us to get to know each other better.”

 Sgt. Daniel Lara, an infantryman, and squad leader with Troop F, said it’s very important to him that he puts Soldiers first and provides a solid training plan. This type of training and environment helps him to understand his team better and build effective training plans in the future.

“Situations like this provide predictability. I can see who needs improvement in different areas like hesitation or communication and refine what we need to work on,” Lara said. “I can build more effective training in the future. I’m building a baseline from this exercise.”