When Soldiers salute their superiors and sound off with a “First Team!”, the reply is always “Live the Legend!” and Soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division had the opportunity to spend some quality time with cavalry veterans who were instrumental in building that legend during Cav Week 2019 festivities held June 4-9 here at the Great Place. 

Cav Week coincided with the 1st Cav. Div. Association’s 72 Annual Reunion, which was held this year at Fort Hood and Killeen with the ultimate goal of bridging the gap between past and present troopers of the division.

The week consisted of numerous activities both on and off post. Highlights at the division level were a golf tournament, a day-long open house, a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of the newly renovation division headquarters, the Spirit of the Cav Ceremony and the alumni banquet.

Maj. Gen. Paul Calvert, 1st Cav. Div. commanding general, spent time at most of these events and was moved by what he saw.

“This week has been absolutely humbling for me to be a part of because of you,” Calvert said at the banquet Saturday evening. “Y’all have absolutely charged my batteries every single day, and I’ve been fired up every opportunity I have had to be around you. To hear your stories, to hear your commitment and love for the division, and probably more importantly, your commitment and love for one another – it is truly humbling. And I am proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of this.”

Calvert praised the veterans of the First Team for their continued contributions to the division and the nation.

“You are living examples of people who have made a difference for those on your left and your right,” Calvert said. “You know how to put an arm around a guy and give him a hug and cry on each others’ shoulders. You know how to pick up the phone and call someone who is in need and give him a word of encouragement, and let him know that you are there to support him. You are there to look our young kids in the eye, share your experiences, and help them to see the pride and the ownership of what it means to serve in this division. You make a difference day in and day out – to one another, to our formation, and you continually make a difference by who you are and what you stand for – for our nation.”

Calvert ended his address with a call to action for the alumni of the First Team.

“As I said before, my challenge to you is to stay focused on selling the great things that you and your generations have done for our country, and what this division has done for you,” Calvert said. “To enhance a small population who is really willing to serve – and that is only about one percent at this point in time – to see and understand the value and the importance to being committed to something bigger than yourself. That being our nation, the divisions that make up our Army, and each other on our left and right. Thank you for the difference that you make.”

Next year’s alumni reunion is scheduled to be held in Louisville, Kentucky. The next Cav Week held at Fort Hood is scheduled for the Fall of 2021 and will coincide with the 1st Cav. Div.’s centennial celebration.