PX Curbside

Robert Stenson, the Arby’s manager, provides curbside service while holding an umbrella, at the Clear Creek Exchange, May 12.

As an effort to slow down COVID-19 and limit direct contact between customers and employees, the Clear Creek Exchange Food Court and the T.J. Mills Food Court now offer curbside pick up as an option, Trey Williams, public affairs representative for the Clear Creek Exchange, said. 

Subway, Charley’s, Boston Market and Arby’s at the Clear Creek Exchange Food Court offer curbside service. Retail curbside pick up is also now available at the Clear Creek Exchange.

“One thing this might offer them ... since they do have a limited time for lunch, that they may take advantage of the curbside pick up — order ahead and it’s ready by the time they get here,” Williams said, referring to Soldiers. “Instead of having to wait in a long line, it’s ready when they get here.”

The Clear Creek Exchange provides food service to hundreds of Soldiers a day, Michael Ruben, food court manager for the Clear Creek Exchange, said.

Growing up as a military child, now with two children of his own, Ruben understands that the Clear Creek Exchange is a necessity for Fort Hood Soldiers and their families.

“Fort Hood is a community, it’s a lot more convenient for them to be able to come to the PX to get their haircut, to shop...,” Williams said about Soldiers and their families. “It’s right in their backyard.

“I’ve never had any direct ties to the military growing up and for me this is kind of my way to help serve the Fort Hood military community,” Williams, who’s worked for AAFES for over 10 years, said. “As we say, we are family serving family — the military is our family.”

For curbside service, customers must create an account at www.shopmyexchange.com, choose the Exchange location and place an order. The curbside service allows customers to place an order hours ahead of time, which saves time for both the employee and customer. To the right of the Clear Creek Exchange Food Court are six parking spaces specifically dedicate to curbside pick up. Once a customer arrives, they must text or call 254-338-8738, along with the designated parking space reserve number, which informs a staff member of the curbside order pick up.

Although curbside pick up is a result of

the pandemic, Ruben and Williams said the food court will continue curbside services indefinitely.