Providing Soldiers with quality housing is the number one priority as the Fort Hood Directorate of Public Works and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers renovate existing barracks and prepare to break ground on the 100th barracks on the installation.

In a visit to the Great Place Jan. 23, Congressman John Carter, TX-District 31, said the Fort Hood barracks have come a long way in the last eight years, when he led a subcommittee responsible for requesting the funds needed for the renovations and has continued requesting funds annually.

“We just finished a round tour here at Fort Hood, looking at things we spent military construction money on,” Carter said. “Being a ranking member on that subcommittee, I’m responsible for this money that comes here and it’s good to go see the success stories at Fort Hood.”

The congressman was escorted by Brian Dosa, director of DPW, who showed him several different barracks in various stages of the renovation process, as well as the future site of Fort Hood’s 100th barracks, which will be built for the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. Out of Fort Hood’s 99 barracks, 24 are currently under contract for renovation.

“In the past few years we have made some exciting progress in recapitalizing our oldest barracks,” Dosa said, “and we will continue to work until all substandard barracks are renovated.”

As mold is the biggest health issue, during a tour of the rolling pin style of barracks, resident engineer Andrew Bury, Fort Worth District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, explained the way they are dealing with mold issues during the renovation is through a state-of-the-art HVAC.

“We have a dedicated outdoor air unit, which brings fresh air in, does deep dehumidification, making it drier and eliminating that environment for mold,” Bury said.

The second component for mold mitigation is making heating, ventilation and air conditioning closets more accessible for maintenance personnel. Bury said previously the HVAC closets were inside the rooms, making it difficult for maintenance to access. In the newly renovated barracks, the HVAC closet has been moved to the exterior, making it accessible from the walkway by maintenance.

“It’s our responsibility to provide our single Soldiers who live in the barracks with a safe and healthy place to live,” Dosa said. “These renovation projects are incorporating state-of-the-art HVAC equipment to provide Soldiers with quality rooms to live in.”

Commending the work being done on the installation, Carter said he knows from firsthand experience that mold mitigation is extremely difficult, so he is happy to see Fort Hood using the latest advancements.

“The barracks renovations are flying along,” the congressman said. “We’ll have our Soldiers in first-class places to live very shortly.”

Fort Hood’s 100th set of barracks will break ground in 2020, after receiving $32 million in Military Construction funding for fiscal year 2020. The new barracks will sit at the end of Tedesco Way. Carter said of the funds available to installations from MilCon, Fort Hood received a good share, which makes him proud.

“Being able to be here and see the work we do here at Fort Hood, it’s amazing to see what goes on at the Great Place … I’m very proud,” Carter said, adding that he won’t stop fighting for Fort Hood. “This is the Army’s premier post in the world and we need to act like it. My world is the Army and my post is number one for me.”