The Fort Hood Transition Assistance Program hosted a Virtual Mega Career Fair, Tuesday, featuring 183 employers seeking to fill 204 positions.

“This is a great opportunity to prepare them for the next stage in life,” Jerry Hernandez, transition services specialist with Fort Hood TAP, said. “Whether that is going back to school or starting a new career.”

Hernandez said the virtual-style career fair is great because of the flexibility it offers the employers and job-seekers, who can do everything from the comfort of their home or office.

After registering, the job seeker can see all the employers, click to enter the employer’s “booth” and see a list of current job openings. The virtual booth may also include information about the employer or other information the employers chooses to put on there.

“Let’s just say I’m an employer, once I set up a booth, I don’t have to do it again,” Hernandez said about the ease of the virtual system. “I just need to update my job postings.”

Job-seekers have the option of sending a message to an employer and asking questions. The employer may want to hold a virtual interview, but may also ask the job-seeker if he or she would like to come in for an in-person interview. Hernandez said the one drawback of a virtual career fair is not having that face-to-face interaction, so employers have a more difficult time determining if a job-seeker is really interested in the position and company.

As the administrator and problem-solver for the virtual career fair, Hernandez said he does not have to worry about setting up tables or not having enough space for the employers when everything is virtual, which makes his job a lot easier. Instead, his position becomes more about helping employers and job-seekers with any problems that arise, such as log-in issues.

Hernandez recommends job-seekers do their homework on the participating companies ahead of time, so they can tailor their résumé to wording of the job. For example, a job-seeker may be qualified, but an employer may overlook a résumé if they do not see specific words mentioned while skimming a résumé.

At the end of the day, Hernandez receives a report showing how many people went into each “booth,” along with how many applied for jobs, and much more. At the end of the day, there were 81 resumes submitted to employers, along with 3,843 messages passed between job-seekers and employers.

The next career fair is tentatively scheduled for June 14. At this time, it is expected to be an in-person career fair. Check the Fort Hood TAP Facebook page,, for any changes closer to the event date.

For other virtual career fairs, job-seekers can register in advance at, upload their resumes and create their own virtual profile for employers to see.