The call came at 2 a.m., June 19, and within 12 hours, the 510th Clearance Company and 937th Clearance Company of 36th Engineer Brigade were ready for deployment. The call was just a drill, after the units were ordered to conduct a Readiness Validation Exercise. The exercise was conducted in order to validate the brigade’s ability to deploy to combat areas with minimal notice.

“We have nine vehicles and 30 personnel participating in this readiness exercise,” said Capt. Christopher Ross, the commander of the 937th Clearance Company. “This validation provides an opportunity to assess our ability to deploy engineer capabilities to theater at a moment’s notice.”

The Readiness Validation Exercise requires units to alert their Soldiers, conduct an accountability drill, draw weapons and equipment, move vehicles to a staging yard, and finally conduct a tactical training mission. Soldiers from the brigade were able to successfully execute all tasks within a 12 hour time period, meeting the III Corps standard.

At the time the order was given, the 510th Clearance Company was conducting their own combat training in the field. Once notified of the Readiness Validation Exercise, many of the 510th Soldiers had to shift gears in order to complete the emergency deployment mission before returning to their scheduled training.

“I feel like we handled the deployment exercise pretty well,” said Pvt. Quintarius Murry of the 510th Clearance Company. “I learned that there is no room for hesitation when a deployment order like this comes down. We need to move with a purpose at all times to get the mission done.”

The operation tested the units’ ability to coordinate a short notice deployment as well. Staff sections at the brigade and battalion levels integrated their planning and orders process to deliver accurate information to the right people at the right times.

“With readiness being the Army’s number one priority, it is critical that we test our unit’s ability to deploy on short notice,” said Col. Joseph Goetz, commander of the 36th Eng. Bde. “This exercise allows several echelons of the brigade to plan and coordinate the movement of units on a condensed timeline.”

As part of III Corps, the 36th Eng. Bde. must be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Training events like the Readiness Validation Exercise ensure they remain ready to answer the call at all times.