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BOSS President Sgt. Zackary Smiley wears a mask inside the BOSS Headquarters, as a new safety precaution against COVID-19, Monday.

The Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers program reopened Monday, after being closed for two months, due to COVID-19.

“I think it’s great,” Spc. Ambrosia Inman, BOSS secretary, said about BOSS re-opening. “I think the BOSS Program is a really good program to have for the single Soldiers.”

During the current pandemic, the BOSS Headquarters was temporarily closed and all in-person activities were put on standby.

“Definitely excited. Definitely ready to start planning activities in order to get the Soldiers out of the barracks,” Sgt. Zackary Smiley, BOSS president, said. “We’ve had a lot of Soldiers reach out and ask, ‘When is the next meeting?’ and ‘When is the next event?’”

During the two-month closing, due to the restrictions, the BOSS program was only able to host online gaming tournaments.

After receiving guidance from the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare & Recreation, the BOSS program was finally able to re-open their doors.

“We have a hand sanitizer station up front,” Smiley said, “and all Soldiers are required to wear a mask.”

In order to enter the BOSS Headquarters, Soldiers must sanitize their hands and have a mask on at all times. In addition, the staff will be responsible for sanitizing the facility every hour.

 The BOSS program staff have already began the planning phase   for the next three months.

“I am super excited for the upcoming events,” Inman, who joined the BOSS program staff two months ago, said.

Upcoming BOSS program events include: a license to carry course, a trip to Six Flags, Single Soldiers Fest, a paintball tournament, an outdoor survival skills course, and Round Rocks’ Fourth of July parade.

“There are things that life has to offer, and fortunately BOSS is one of those programs that the Army offers single Soldiers in order to enjoy life,” Inman said.

As an advocate for BOSS, Smiley believes the program is a huge resource for single Soldiers on Fort Hood.

“It’s a necessity, because I think it helps build readiness, it helps build morale, it helps give Soldiers, whenever they are stuck in the barracks or too stressed at work, an opportunity to come, play games, relax, hangout with other Soldiers, meet other people and just kind of get their mind off whatever the mission may be,” Smiley said about the importance of re-opening the BOSS program.