For over two years, the Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training, or P3T program has been suspended due to COVID-19. Starting this month, the program has returned to Abrams Physical Fitness Center here on Fort Hood.

On July 21, III Armored Corps leaders gathered at the fitness center to host a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the return of one of Fort Hood’s most valuable programs. Those in attendance included the 13th ESC Commanding General Brig. Gen. Sean Davis, among other distinguished guests.

“We’re hoping that General Davis will help us bring some eyes back to the program,” said 1st Lt. Jeffrey Robbins, the III Armored Corps P3T program manager.

The P3T program is a mandatory physical training program for all Soldiers who become pregnant and up to 180 days postpartum.

“As of right now, we only have a 26 percent enrollment rate, when we should be at 100,” Robbins said. “We’re hoping that this ceremony will help us spread the word about P3T’s return here at Fort Hood.”

The P3T program was designed for pregnant and postpartum Soldiers, providing them with both educational classes and specialized fitness sessions. Each session includes a combination of balance and coordination, muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular activity and flexibility.

When a Soldier is enrolled in P3T, they will perform physical training four days a week and participate in one day of educational training. The physical training sessions are led and supervised by professionals who specialize in training pregnant and postpartum Soldiers.

Before returning to Abrams, classes were held at two separate locations, creating some confusion for Soldiers in the program. But now that there is one single location for everyone to conduct their training, morale is at an all-time high, Robbins said.

The P3T program offers a variety of other resources including stress management, car seat safety classes, and postpartum budgeting.

“We wanted to create a well-rounded program that gives Soldiers the opportunity to return better than when they came in,” Robbins said.

P3T has been proven to reduce injury rates and lessen physical discomforts and stress during pregnancy, labor and delivery. For more information about the program, call Robbins at 254-368-9196.