Sgt. Nicholas Mazyck, driver operator firefighter at the 664th Ordnance Fire Department, was named 2021’s Installation Management Command Firefighter of the Year recently at Fort Hood.

A firefighter at the Fort Hood‘s 664th Ordnance Fire Department was named 2021’s Installation Management Command Firefighter of the Year.

Sgt. Nicholas Mazyck will now go on to compete at the Department of Army level and possibly at the Defense Department level.

Mazyck is one of the few firefighters nominated, and represents the best of the 73 fire departments and over 4,000 firefighters in the Fire and Emergency Services Annual Awards program.

“During the competition, there is not much information given to any applicants of the award,” he said. “With not knowing if you’re in the competition or not, it’s one of those things where you sit back and do the best that you can.”

Even though he was unsure if he was in the competition or not, he was still very excited to win.

“A lot of the guys that I work with here definitely have a lot of information and knowledge towards the job,” he said. “They help you out with day to day operations.”

When asked how he prepared for the competition, he responded with “You start building up, get your certifications, learn your knowledge, build your expertise and just help out as much as you can.”

Judges base their decisions on award packets submitted by the nominees’ supervisors that highlight accomplishments, job performance, tactical competency, leadership ability, initiative and resourcefulness.

Mazyck plans on going for even bigger achievements in the future. On top of bettering himself, Mazyck is known for helping the newer Soldiers at the station.

“We have a lot of new Soldiers who are coming in from the academy,” he said. “The more you help them out, the better it looks for you, and you’ll learn a little on the way.”

IMCOM’s four regions encompass the U.S., Europe and Korea.

Military Firefighter of the Year is one of several categories that make up the Department of Defense’s Fire and Emergency Services Annual Awards program. The goal is to recognize the best of the field from each service and distinguish one winner in the end.