Fort Hood’s Mega Career Fair is back, returning live to the Great Place Sept. 14, after hosting the event virtually for a year and half.

“We are very excited. We missed the interaction with the employers, and the employers missed the interaction with the job seeker,” Jerry Hernandez, marketing supervisor for Fort Hood’s Transition Assistance Program, said.

The semi-annual Mega Career Fair is the opportunity for active duty, retirees, family members and the public to take that step toward their next career. Hernandez said the purpose of TAP is to prepare service members as they transition from the military to civilian life.

More than 98,000 positions will be available among 200 participating employers. Hernandez said they 200 employers is the maximum amount they can hold at Club Hood.

While local companies will be present, he said they also have companies coming as far as

California, Michigan and Florida. Providing a variety of positions locally and nationally gives Soldiers a chance to decide where they want to begin their next stage in life.

Hernandez said there was a large request for an in-person event from both service members and employers, who missed the one-on-one connection that a virtual event could not provide.  

“Virtual is great, but you just miss that interaction,” he said he often heard from employers. “You don’t get that vibe, that excitement in their face, that energy they put out.”

Some popular positions during this Mega Career Fair include heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians, electricians and welders, all earning six-figure salaries, Hernandez said. He added that law enforcement, first responders, construction and always popular, as well as medical, information technology, aircraft maintenance and the auto industry.

He said he is very excited about companies who are hiring at-home positions, specifically for disabled personnel. He advised people to not just look at physical disabilities. Chronic illnesses may also qualify, so he recommended people apply and go through the hiring employers system to see if they meet the qualifications.

“A lot of spouses and a lot of veterans meet those (qualifications) and can work from home,” he said.

Hernandez recommended job seekers pick up a copy of the Sept. 9 edition of the Fort Hood Sentinel, which will feature a special section for the Mega Career Fair. The center pages will have a listing of all the employers. He recommended job seekers do their homework on the employers and tailor their resume to the position, instead of showing up with a generic resume.

The Mega Career Fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 14. Job seekers should arrive early and be prepared for on-site interviews by dressing for success. Service members should wear their normal uniform.

“There is life out there. Just like the military, you have to prepare for it,” Hernandez added. “That’s what we’re trying to do – help them prepare for it and see all these jobs out there.”

Due to limited parking at theClub Hood, job seekers are asked to park at the parking lots of the old Warrior Way PX, located at Old Ironsides Avenue and Warrior Way Drive; and the old Clear Creek PX, located beside the Clear Creek Commissary on Clear Creek Road. A shuttle service will drive people to the Mega Career Fair.