Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kevin Mulpas from the Hood Mobilization Brigade received the Gen. Douglas MacArthur leadership award June 21. The ceremony took place at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. 

The event was hosted by Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt, director of the Army Staff at the Pentagon, and retired Marine Col. William Davis of the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Foundation. Mulpas was accompanied by his Family and brigade commander. “It was an honor and a humbling experience to be selected out of so many officers,” Mulpas said. The event kicked off June 20 with a reception, followed by the ceremony June 21.

The Gen. Douglas MacArthur Army leadership award is presented to select company grade officers annually across all Army components for outstanding performance, emulating the characteristics for which MacArthur stood: duty, honor and country. The nomination is open to all company grade officers in the rank of warrant officer 1, chief warrant officer 2, second lieutenant, first lieutenant and captain. This year was the 32nd annual event, with the selection limited to 30 out of more than 100,000 officers among these ranks. Mulpas was selected as the best company grade warrant officer in the Army Reserve, receiving the award.

The nomination process includes the recommendation from several senior field grade and general officers within Mulpas’ chain of command. He was nominated for this award for his outstanding efforts as the mobility officer for the 643rd Regional Support Group based out of Columbus, Ohio. The 643rd RSG assumed responsibility and command of the Hood Mob. Bde. here at Fort Hood earlier this year. Col. William Wilkerson, Hood Mob. Bde. commander submitted his nomination.

“While movement is his area of technical expertise, he has extensive knowledge of staff operations and logistics and is an invaluable asset to this command and the Army overall,” Wilkerson said.

As the mobility officer for the 643rd RSG, Mulpas was responsible for tracking and movement, as well as equipment coordination for 28 units and more than 2,400 Soldiers throughout the year. His actions resulted in the unit’s achieving 100 percent logistical readiness for their training events.

Brig. Gen. Cheryn Fasano, commander, 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, also provided her recommendation, holding Mulpas in high regards for his efforts as the brigade mobility officer.

“His daily life and his support to junior Soldiers and other leaders embody the concepts of duty, honor and country,” Fasano said.

Mulpas’ nomination went up through the 377th Theater Sustainment Command prior to being submitted to the board for consideration. The commanding general of the 377th TSC, Maj. Gen. Steven Ainsworth, provided remarks nominating Mulpas for this prestigious award as well.

“CW2 Mulpas displays all the attributes desired in a high performing warrant officer and is well deserving of this award,” Ainsworth said. Mulpas currently serves as the Logistics Readiness Center mobilization cell officer in charge here at Fort Hood. In this role, he leads a team of Soldiers and works alongside several civilians, providing logistical support and readiness for the more than 24,000 Soldiers mobilizing and demobilizing through Fort Hood annually.

“I like helping Soldiers, making sure they have everything they need in order to deploy and complete their mission,” Mulpas said. “I grew up with great non-commissioned and commissioned officers who showed me the right path and I look forward to passing on what I’ve learned to others in the Army.”