Forever known as D.J. Tanner, beloved actress, producer and author, Candace Cameron Bure was on Fort Hood Jan. 22, taking photos with fans and signing autographs in her new children’s book, “Grow, Candace, Grow.”

“I love Texas,” Cameron Bure shouted. “Texas has been wonderful and I love being here at Fort Hood. I’m happy to serve military families and come to a place that maybe not everybody comes to.”

Cameron Bure captured hearts as Donna Jo Tanner, the eldest daughter on the hit 80s and 90s TV show “Full House,” growing up on the small screen. She stepped back into the familiar role 20 years later, in a role reversal of sorts, as a recently widowed woman with three boys in “Fuller House.” In the original “Full House,” Bob Saget played Danny Tanner, a widower raising three girls.

In what became the Clear Creek Exchange’s most popular book signing to date, more than 750 fans waited in line seven hours to see the woman they grew up watching on TV.

“I watched ‘Full House’ when I was little and wanted to see her in person,” Christi Vik, spouse of Spc. Matthew Vik, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, said.

Vik was celebrating her birthday, and though she waited in line for seven hours, she said it was worth the wait in the end.

“It was a little longer wait than anticipated, but it worked out, and we met some new friends,” Vik said.

Cameron Bure’s meet-and-greet, which was originally scheduled for 5 p.m., did not begin until 7 p.m., due to weather delays for her flight from New York City. In an Instagram video she posted earlier in the day, she told Fort Hood Soldiers and families that she was still coming, despite the weather.

“It proves to us that she cares. That she actually has a heart of gold,” Crystal Ortiz said, admitting she almost cried meeting the “Fuller House” actress.

Several children waited in line with their parents, anxiously awaiting the autograph signing, but took the opportunity to read the book while they waited.

“Grow, Candace, Grow” is Cameron Bure’s seventh book and second children’s book. The book follows the character Candace, a rambunctious child who learns important life lessons. The multi-talented actress and author said she was originally inspired to write a children’s book when her eldest daughter Natasha was born 21 years ago, the person who gave her what she described as her favorite role – being a mom.

“Reading has been my favorite thing to do with them,” Cameron Bure said about her three children. “Twenty years in the making … a dream come true.”

Cameron Bure, known as Hallmark television’s reigning “Queen of Christmas,” will appear in seven Hallmark movies this year, including several Christmas movies.

The busy actress also completed the fifth and final season of “Fuller House,” which she admitted was very difficult, but she knows the fans will love how it all wraps up.

“I was very pleased with everything. You will get to see where all the characters go from here on out, so I don’t feel like it’s an ending,” she said. “I know I’ll always be forever known as D.J. Tanner, or D.J. Tanner-Fuller, and I love that. It’s been such a special, special thing in my life, with a person who feels like my best friend.”