Maj. Gen. Gerald “Gez” M. Strickland

British Army Maj. Gen. Gerald “Gez” Strickland was welcomed by Central Texas partners and Fort Hood officials during a ceremony May 17 as he assumed duties as III Corps deputy commanding general for support (U.K.). III Corps also bid farewell to Col. Brett Sylvia, the III Corps chief of staff, during the ceremony.

Maj. Gen. Gerald “Gez” Strickland, III Corps deputy commanding general for support (U.K.), assumed his current duties May 17 in a welcome ceremony at the III Corps Headquarters flagpole on Fort Hood.

Strickland, the fourth U.K. deputy commanding general for support, replaces British Army Maj. Gen. Felix Gedney, who was reassigned to the U.K. April 3.

“It’s true as Lt. Gen. (Paul) Funk, (III Corps commanding general), just said, the U.S. and U.K.’s partnership is incredibly strong,” Strickland said.

“That partnership is more than just partnership, it’s friendship. Friendship is never always smooth, a friendship involves being able to tell each other honest truths. And that’s something I’m sure we’ll continue with each other as we go ahead.”

Strickland went on to say, “America’s Hammer is an awe inspiring organization. Made up of the finest people … and I look forward to serving with you over the next few years.”

Born in Hong Kong and educated in England, Strickland comes to Fort Hood following his previous assignment as head of operations in the U.K. Ministry of Defence, with responsibility for shaping political direction, crisis management and issuing direction for the conduct of all U.K. military operations.