The Summer Feeding Program, provided by the Killeen Independent School District, distributed approximately 115 meals Monday morning at Clear Creek Elementary School. 

Breakfast and lunch are available to all KISD students at no-cost from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., now until July 30. The Summer Feeding Program is available at 12 different KISD locations.

Melody Chester, a food and nutrition employee for KISD, wore a facemask and gloves as she distributed meals to KISD parents in front of Clear Creek Elementary School.

“Our purpose is to still feed the children while school is not in session,” Chester, a mother herself, said. “We have to do the drive through, so we can still practice social distancing and not have the children come into the building.”

The KISD staff ensure all meals are healthy and balanced.

“We have to include the five components,” Chester said. “Monday and Wednesday we provide sandwiches, two fruits, a vegetable and breakfast. Tuesday and Thursday, we are going to do a hot meal.”

Currently, all KISD students and staff members are practicing social distancing until the start of the new school year. All KISD schools are scheduled to reopen August 17, not only are the students excited, but so are the KISD staff.

“I miss seeing the children,” Chester, who’s worked at KISD for two years, said. “You build up the relationships throughout the year — and especially since I worked at Audie Murphy — it’s a middle school, and it’s so much harder with middle school students, to build that relationship.”

Tiffany Baker, a mother of three KISD students, stepped out of her vehicle to thank the KISD staff, as she picked up six meals for her children at Clear Creek Elementary School.

“They are extremely thankful,” Chester said about the KISD parents. “They are very thankful that we are still doing this, and it just gives them a little bit more normalcy to their kids’ lives.”

KISD began “Grab & Go Meals,” March 17, as a response to COVID-19 and the district’s temporary shutdown. Although, KISD schools have been temporarily closed since spring break, educational progression has continued through distance learning.

“I think it’s great how all of KISD’s food services came together, not only to feed the kids during a pandemic, but also during the summer,” Chester said.

In addition to the Summer Feeding Program, KISD is also providing each student with all the supplies they will need for the new school year.

“The school supplies will be provided by the district,” Taina Maya, chief communications and marketing officer for KISD, said. “They will be provided for the students at no charge.”

The current pandemic resulted in high rates of unemployed and economic uncertainty, which inspired KISD to help with school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year.

“We need to be there for the families of KISD,” Maya, a mother of two herself, said about alleviating the financial stress on parents during the current pandemic.

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