Spc. Oxsean Adams

Spc. Oxsean Adams, 937th Clearance Co., 20th Engineer Bn., 36th Engineer Bde., appears on the Jan. 30 edition of Fort Hood’s Great Big Podcast, discussing the events that led to him saving a woman’s life on Rancier Avenue in Killeen. Adams used his military first aid training on a stabbing victim. 

It was a quiet Thursday evening before the holiday block leave when Spc. Oxsean Adams was heading to check on the apartment of a friend in Killeen and then to pick up his children. 

On his way to the apartment, Dec. 19, he came across a gruesome scene on Rancier Avenue. There was a man in a vehicle with his hands around the throat of a woman. Adams was surprised at the scene before him, but he sprang into action to save the woman’s life.

“It felt natural – I didn’t think twice about it,” Adams said. “It was like Combat Life Saver all over again.”

Adams, a Soldier with 937th Clearance Company, 20th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, was able to climb through the backseat of the vehicle and assist other witnesses as they pulled the man off the woman. Once the assailant was off the victim, two other female witnesses grabbed the woman and took her to a safe location. 

Once she was safe, Adams retrieved his first aid bag from his vehicle and started administering lifesaving aid. Having just completed his unit’s Combat Life Saver course two weeks prior, he decided to be prepared and keep a first aid bag on hand in case of emergencies.

“It was unreal at first,” Adams stated, “but then as I realized what was happening, I jumped in and it was just second nature.”

Upon closer inspection, the victim suffered multiple stab wounds. Adams immediately provided first aid to stop the bleeding, which ultimately saved the victim’s life. Adams stayed present to assist the first responders until they took over and evacuated the victim to Baylor Scott & White Hospital. 

“The medical attention Oxsean Adams provided stopped the potentially dangerous bleeding at a critical moment to stabilize the patient until paramedics arrived onsite,” Detective Joseph Delongchamps with the Killeen Police Department, said.

After hearing about his Soldiers’ actions, Staff Sgt. Joshua Kavanaugh, Adams’ platoon sergeant, said he knew he wanted to do something to recognize his lifesaving actions.

“Once I heard about what he did, I knew I wanted to recognize him,” Kavanaugh said. “The hard thing was how? It is hard to prove because he didn’t stay for the police report. He didn’t wait for the recognition, he just wanted to help and once that was done, he left.”

Only after the reports was Adams officially identified to be the witness who provided lifesaving aid and assisted in disarming the perpetrator.

“I am drawn to these types of situations because I enjoy helping people and it’s something I want to do,” Adams said.

He said he would one day like to become a firefighter or emergency medical technician, so he can continue helping people.

“Based on my time serving with Spc. Adams, I was not surprised to hear he risked his life in effort to save the victim and even less surprised that he was so humble about the whole process,” his company commander Capt. Sean Hutchinson said. “It is a testament to both his character and his competence as a Soldier that allowed him to jump into action and perform his recent Phantom First Responder Training that he recently completed.”