HARKER HEIGHTS — Some Fort Hood Soldiers and their family members gathered at Dana Peak to go biking on the trails March 12.

Thad Rosenberry, recreation specialist with Fort Hood’s Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, made sure that it was an educational event for everyone who participated.

“Once everyone gets here … I’ll fit them with their bikes. I’ll go over all of their bikes to make sure they are operational, ready to rock and roll. I’ll go over basic fundamentals like how to check your bike, riding positioning, braking, shifting. We’ll go over all of that together.”

Father and son duo Malekia Jenkins and Sgt. 1st Class Frank Jenkins, Alpha Distribution Company, 215th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Bde. Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, were excited to be able to spend some time together riding on the trails at Dana Peak.

Frank was excited to connect with nature and spend time with his son.

“It’s our first time in a while. We have done it in the past. Not an actual MWR event, but we actually did our own personal biking adventure,” Frank said.

Frank and Malekia enjoy biking for the exercise aspect of it, but also having the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and do something outside of the house.

“Just do something physical versus just sitting around and twiddling your thumbs,” Frank said.

Malekia is a student at Belton High School. He will be going to college soon and wants to spend as much time with his father as he can before he goes off to the Air Force Academy or Texas A&M.

As a military kid, Malekia believes it is important to have events like this for military families so kids can make wonderful memories with their loved ones.

“A lot of times, the parents of the children that are in the military, a lot of times they’re gone. Usually those children are at home with the ones that stay behind or guardians, or whoever watches them. These events give them the opportunity to spend time with the ones that they love,” Malekia said.

As a Soldier, Frank believes that things like mountain biking that DFMWR puts on

for Soldiers is a great way to escape from all the stress of everyday life.

“It benefits in a lot of ways. Every aspect as far as what my son says. A lot of times, being active duty, being in the military, you kind of get so wrapped up at work and so wrapped up in whatever you have to do to get prepared to leave your family, your loved ones and stuff like that, and then come back

and try to get adjusted to everything. I think it’s a nice break from work and you know, being able to refocus on those that support you.”