The Courses of Clear Creek hosted its biggest event Saturday and Sunday, its Club Championship.

Seventy-nine golfers came out to participate in the event with the hopes of winning some really nice prizes.

Saturday’s scores separated golfers into flights and were then combined with Sunday’s scores to determine the winners of each flight.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jesse Rhymes, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 11th Military Police Battalion, Criminal Investigation Command, was the winner of the championship flight, with a combined two-day score of 148. Only one point separated him from the golfer in second place.

“It feels good,” Rhymes said about winning. “All my hard work I’ve put in practicing and playing different tournaments around the year to come home and win here at Fort Hood is nice.”

Another winner was retiree Steve Howard who won first place in the seniors 2nd flight, with a combined two-day score of 180. His favorite part about playing golf is exactly what his fellow golfer Bunkley Morris said – camaraderie and competition.

The most challenging part about golfing for Howard is that he’s always learning something new about the game.

“As long as you play golf, you can never learn all of the aspects of it – all the skills. Every time you think you got it, there’s another thing you can learn to get better,” Howard said.

Morris said that the most challenging part of the game for him is

being consistent.

“It’s a new game every day,” Morris said. “You don’t have the same swing every day.”

The Courses of Clear Creek are continuing to hold in-person competitions while other on-post events like the Army Ten-Miler and the Sprint Triathlon are going virtual. Howard thinks that golf is a safe sport to participate in while we are still riding through the pandemic.

“Golf is outside, there’s plenty of distancing. I don’t think the pandemic should affect us a whole lot,” Howard said. “You do have to be careful when you’re in the clubhouse and things like that, but out on the course it’s nice, it’s open. It’s a great place to be.”

Morris stated it’s important to be able to come participate in person so people can have an opportunity to take care of themselves mentally.

“I think that it’s more like mental health,” Morris said. “You get to do some things that are normal. When you’re sitting at home and you can’t do anything, this is getting back to a little normalcy and helping your mental health to me.”

Before Sunday’s competition began, when they were asked about how they felt going into Sunday’s competition, they laughed.

“I should have done better yesterday so I’d be in a better place today, but we’re here and it’s going to be fun,” Howard admitted.

Morris added, “I’d say the same thing. Should have played better yesterday (but) you ain’t got anybody to blame but yourself.”

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