The Ellison Eagles flew too high for the Killeen Kangaroos in their final game of the season, beating the Roos 50-18 in Leo Buckley Stadium.

“It’s about time,” Ellison’s Head Coach Todd Wright, said. “We’ve played so many close games. This is the first time we’ve had a game where we were commanding the lead at halftime. We kept telling them we’ll take advantage of our big plays, we’ll do this every week and we couldn’t get over that hump.

Killeen managed to get on the board first with a field goal, but on their next possession, Ellison senior quarterback Breezion Spiller broke through a dog pile and ran it in for the Eagles first touchdown.

“It feels great to win this last game against our rivals from across town,” Spiller said. “It felt great that we came together as a team one last time. We came through and fought this game out and came out with a victory.”

The Eagles would only fly higher scoring five touchdowns in the second quarter alone.

Wright knows that once his team gets going there’s no stopping them.

“When we get off to a quick start these kids spirits rise and their pretty tough. That showed tonight. Once we got rolling, it was tough to stop us,” Wright said.

Wright knew that his team could have dominated in the same way all season, but admitted small mistakes got the better of them.

“We made interceptions that we dropped in the last couple weeks, we had fumbles that we didn’t scoop last week,” Wright said. “We had four games where we lost by a total of nine points. Two overtime games, we didn’t kick well enough early and we’ve got to become a better kicking team. We fumbled and we didn’t take advantage of our big plays, so we just have to get cleaner and more disciplined with our offense and our defense.”

Though the season didn’t end how they would have liked it, Wright is hopeful for the future.

“The season didn’t work out the way we wanted it,” Wright said. “The good thing is, we finished healthy. All of our kids were out there running around and we’ve got some good seniors that have a chance to go play college football and our freshmen won the district championship. There’s a whole bunch of those freshmen people that’ll be moving up and playing.”

Though it was Spiller’s last high school game, he was proud of his team and knows that they will get better in the future.

“My boys, I hope everything goes well for them from this point forward. I hope they get to the playoffs next year. I hope they excel at everything they’ve got to accomplish,” Spiller said. “We had a lot of frustrating and upsetting losses, but I know that the team that we had this year, I know we could have gone really far, but just little things happened. All in all, next year’s team is going to have fire. I know they will.”  

Spiller is planning on attending college, though he is not sure where, he will most definitely succeed, as well as his other graduating teammates, if they take it on with the same intensity that they played this game.