BELTON — In their first game of the delayed season, the Belton Tigers fell to the Georgetown Eagles 36-27, Friday here in Tiger Stadium.

The Tigers came out with a bang when they kicked off to the Eagles, literally, with Tigers senior defensive back Edrick Holcombe (11) knocking Eagles sophomore wide receiver Drayden Dickmann’s (27) helmet off. At halftime, the Tigers went to the locker room with a 20-point lead, however the Tigers couldn’t continue delivering that type of power throughout the whole game.

Belton’s head coach Brett Sniffin, is in his first season with the Tigers and was disappointed with the outcome of his first game at the helm of the team.

“Undisciplined football, doing things we weren’t coached to do, being out-coached, you name it, and we did it in the second half to lose the football game,” Sniffin admitted. “It had nothing to do with Georgetown. It had everything to do with us.”

After halftime, it was as if both teams changed completely, Georgetown for the better and the Tigers for the worse.

Though there were big plays in the third quarter, there was not much scoring except for one touchdown by the Eagles with around three minutes left. There were also a couple of avoidable unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the Tigers. Even one that resulted in one of the Tigers not being allowed to play the remainder of the game.

“This one is definitely the team’s fault,” Tiger senior offensive lineman Thomas Bowman admitted. “Bad things happened and we started to come down on ourselves. We’re better than that. All in all, we’ll come back next week and win the next one.”

The only thing that defeated the Tigers in the end was their mentality and Sniffin could tell that.

“The defense was good to begin with, then we didn’t execute when we needed to. We let them convert two big, long fourth downs on their first drive of the second half and then after that, we were mentally out of it,” he said.

Sniffin knows that the Tigers can perform better in the future – playing an entire game how they played the first half.

“We showed what kind of team we can be. I don’t want to be the kind of team that we were (at the end of the game). We’ve got to learn how to play four quarters.”

All of the action happened for the Eagles in the fourth quarter where they scored four out of their six touchdowns.

This week, the Tigers will go on the road to face the Round Rock Dragons.