SALADO — The Salado Eagles fell to the Grandview Zebras 21-7 Friday in a non-conference game at Eagle Stadium.  

Salado and Grandview were both coming into the game with a win and were looking to keep that winning momentum going into their second game. Though the Eagles’ defense played well, the offense couldn’t pull it together to win the game.

“We didn’t play well offensively. I thought our defense played well enough to win the game, and we didn’t get enough offensively going in the first half,” Salado head coach Alan Haire said.

Close to 1,000 fans huddled in the stands sporting ponchos or umbrellas to shield them from the rain and masks to shield them from COVID-19. After a 45-minute weather delay, the first quarter kicked off at 8:15 p.m. It was still raining and neither team was able to get up on the board in the first quarter.

The Zebras came alive in the second quarter, scoring two touchdowns and a two point conversion, leaving the scoreboard reading 14-0 at halftime.

“I feel like we didn’t execute early on, so we’ve got a lot of work to do offensively,” Haire said.

By the end of halftime the rain had stopped, but the Eagles’ bad luck did not. The Eagle’s offense still couldn’t get points on the board, but the defense held the Zebras at 14 points.

Finally, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, senior Noah Mescher ran in a touchdown for the Eagles, putting the only points they would get for the game on the board.

The Zebras were not done however, they recovered their own fumble in the end zone with close to eight minutes left in the game, putting their final points on the board.

Though Haire was upset with the outcome of the game he was proud of the Eagles defense and knows that the team will grow with the loss.

“Just the defense fighting through it. We had some chances to get a couple of take aways. They played super hard, and we got good kids,” Haire stated. “We’ll get better from it. That’s a good football team over there.”

Haire motivated his team after the tough loss, knowing that this was just a low in their season, and that they will be able to get through it.

“Well, your motivation is facing adversity. In life you’re going to face adversity,” Haire said. “There’s going to be good and bad days. You take the highs with the highs and lows with the lows.”

Though it was definitely a low, they have a chance to turn it around in their away game against Stephenville tomorrow.