KILLEEN — The Ellison Eagles finished their 2021 football season, on a high note Friday, with a 23-15 win over the Shoemaker Grey Wolves, in Leo Buckley Stadium.

Both teams had lost their opportunity for a playoff spot, but Ellison head coach Danny Servance was happy to end his first season as the Eagles’ coach with a win.

“They’ve done everything that we’ve asked them to do,” he said thinking back through the season. “They worked their tails off every single day and my hat’s off to them. They did what we came here to do.”

The Eagles established momentum first with junior defensive lineman Brendan Bett (51) recovered a fumble and ran it back for the first Eagle touchdown of the night.

The Eagles defense shut down the Grey Wolves in the first half, sending them to the locker room at halftime with a score of 9-0.

It seemed that it would be a shut out with a score of 23-0 going into the fourth quarter, but the Grey Wolves came alive and scored twice as the clock approached zero. The Grey Wolves were set up to score a third time and had the chance to tie up the score, but the Eagles defense managed to hold them at 15.

“We talk about football having a schizophrenic nature and it had one tonight,” Servance said. “We talk about playing at the same level no matter what’s happening in the game. Not letting the emotions of the game dictate how you play and that’s what our kids did. They just continued to fight.”

Toby Foreman, Shoemaker head coach, said his team hit a road bump halfway through the season that they never could overcome. The Grey Wolves suffered the most injuries he’s ever dealt with in a season with several players pushing through injuries.

“These guys, they love playing football, and they’re dedicated and it’s going to be up to our underclassmen to carry on the torch of what we started leading into this season.”

He ended thanking everyone for their support the team throughout the season.

“I just want to thank everybody for coming out and coming out all season,” he said. “In the five years I’ve been here I’ve seen a drastic improvement in our overall football program. Even more than that, the fan attendance and the fan support has been on point and 100%. We appreciate it, let’s keep it going. We will be back next year and as always, go Grey Wolves!”