Under the warm and bright Texas sun, Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division gathered May 30 at the Courses of Clear Creek on Fort Hood. The inaugural 1st Cav. Div. Golf Scramble Tournament was open to friends and Family for participation.

“This is the first time that the division has hosted a golf tournament since Maj. Gen. (Paul) Calvert has been in command at the division,” Capt. Ryan Cash, G-3 training officer assigned to the division, said. “We really wanted to do one before he changes command this fall, and the intent was to get as many people out here while all three brigades are still here on Fort Hood.”

Cash, with the help of the staff at the golf course, was the officer in charge of the planning process for this event.

“The planning process for this event was really about getting with the golf course about questions I had, then putting the word out to the units and community partners,” he explained. “After the event was good to go as far as the planning was a concern, we got the go ahead from Maj. Gen. Calvert, and he signed up for it,” Cash said.

Calvert will be relinquishing command of the division in the fall, so this was the perfect opportunity for him to spend some time with the troopers of the organization. Along with the commander’s departure, there are planned deployments in the near future for some subordinate units, making this the prime time to host the event.

“This was important to do right now because this is one of the only times all the brigades are here at once, with deployments happening,” Cash said.

The organization is no stranger to operating under high stress, even putting together the yearly event called “Cav. Week” in the midst of reading for deployments.

“We are on the verge of transitioning next week to Cav. Week, so I’ll call this the week ‘Off to Cav. Week’,” Calvert, commanding general of 1st Cavalry Division, said. “We’ve got our Family here from 1st Cavalry Division Association, let’s remember the history of the organization that you come from.”

The event was open to members of the organization regardless of rank, and proved to be a success with a big possibility of a repeat next year.

“Depending on the success of this event, it’s something that the division looks to continue moving forward as an annual event,” Cash said. “I think it can only get bigger from here and become a bigger and better event as the years go on.”