The Fitness Expo, Saturday, at the Applied Functional Fitness Center, hosted by Army Community Services, included a nutrition class and group workout.

“Provide information on the importance of fitness,” 1st Sgt. Pablo Ureste, Resiliency Campus deputy commandant, said about the expo’s mission. “It helps us to be more combat ready — be more combat effective. If we are physically fit, we have the endurance to push through.”

The expo was free and opened to all. The workout session included cardio, resistance and core exercises.

Exercise is a great way to combat stress and build resiliency, Capt. Ashley Cooper, Resiliency Campus commandant, said.

Participants were broken up into three groups and circulated between workouts. The expo provided an opportunity for Soldiers and their families to spend quality-time together and be active.

Ureste participated in the expo with his wife and their three children. Ureste, who has been in the U.S. Army for 22 years and married for 18 years, believes resiliency training is important, not only for the Soldier, but also for the family.

“I think it (resiliency) helps different aspects — they deal with different stressors when Soldiers get deployed or during training events,” Ureste said about military families. “And I think it’s important that they understand that whatever life throws at them, whether it’s another deployment or late hours, that they can overcome anything. I think it’s equally important on both sides.”

Long periods of separation can create additional stress on military families. Ureste said the hardest challenge on his wife is his absence during long periods of time.

 “When we are separated due to deployments,” Ureste said. “Just because at that time she is mom and dad.”

Physical, emotional, social, family and spiritual strength are the five dimensions of comprehensive fitness in the U.S. Army. The expo reinforced the family, physical and social dimensions of comprehensive fitness, Cooper said.

“The intent was to share knowledge and just show the community of Fort Hood what services we have available for them,” Ureste said.

The Resiliency Campus offers a variety of Soldier and family resiliency training and workout classes.

 “Being able to bounce back — to being able to endure and work though those tough times when life happens,” Cooper said about resiliency.

“I think that we are all born with resilience,” Ureste said, “but knowing that there are different services out there available to us — knowing that the Army provides support and at the end of the day it’s up to us and spouses to go out there and seek that support.”

The next event at the Applied Functional Fitness Center, 10 Workout Challenge, will be 10 a.m.-8 p.m. March 27.

“The campus has a lot of great resources and services for Soldiers and their family members that are underutilized,” Cooper said. “I think that if Soldiers come over to the campus and really look to see what we have to offer — it would benefit their professional and personal life.”