The Fort Hood Old Skool Rugby Football Club hosted the Lampasas Cub Scouting Pack 100 for a day of rugby at Hood Stadium Saturday.

The boys of Pack 100 are working on attaining a WEBELOS badge, and one of the requirements for that badge is to try a new sport.  WEBELOS is short for, “WE’ll BE LOyal Scouts,” according to the United States Scouts website.

“For the new sport requirement, they all asked about rugby,” Larry Eddinger Jr., the den leader of den four, Pack 100, said. “I had to do a little bit of research, but I found the Fort Hood rugby team so I thought I’d reach out and see what I get.”

For the rugby club, which is trying to build the game of rugby in local communities, having the Lampasas Cub Scouts reach out to learn the game was huge.

“Seeing that the community is interested in rugby really validates all of the hard work we’re doing to establish the game here,” Sgt. Joshua Stroud, Company B, 615th Aviation Support Battalion, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cav. Div, said. “We’ve been reaching out to the community, and now the community is reaching out to us, which is huge because without community support, it’s hard to build the sport of rugby.”

Members of the rugby club taught the boys proper passing techniques, proper tackling and the overall concept of rugby before finishing up the day with a friendly scrimmage.

“I think they had a lot of fun, which was the biggest thing I was looking for,” said Eddinger.  “Everybody did a great job; the kids learned a lot and they want to start up their own team now.”

Eddinger, it would seem, was not wrong in his assessment.

“It was epic,” Josiah Copeland, 11, said excitedly.

“It was really fun,” Tristan Stout, 11, agreed.

“It was awesome,” Elijah Copeland, 11, said.

Each boy had their own favorite part, but what made the day epic, awesome and really fun came down to just one thing.

“We got to play rugby at Fort Hood for the first time,” Josiah said, as Tristan and Elijah nodded their heads in agreement.

Just what was their favorite part?

“The game at the end was my favorite part,” Josiah said.

“Mine was the tackling of the dummies,” Tristan said. “I’m really good at tackling dummies.”

“I enjoyed the scrimmage the most, because we got to play rugby,” Elijah said.

When the boys return to school, they all have one thing to tell their friends about rugby.

“It’s fun!”