A new workout class, LIIT with Jess, has begun at Burba Physical Fitness Center and takes place every Tuesday from 8:30-9:30 a.m.

LIIT with Jess is a low-intensity interval training class that is designed for those who want to get an intense workout without putting too much high impact stress on their joints, while using a wide range of equipment.

Toni Kornegay, recreation specialist for the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare & Recreation, believes the class is a great new addition to Fort Hood.

“This a newer class we are offering that provides a great workout but is easier on the joints since it doesn’t involve a lot of jumping and high intensity movements,” Kornegay said. “This class is an ideal option for beginners and those that wish to cross train and mix up their workouts. It’s a more of a total body workout that focuses on fat burning and building strength.”

The instructor of the new class is Jessica Sanchez, a military spouse and veteran. She enjoys teaching a class that is easy on the body and that a wide range of people can participate in, no matter their age or physical limitations.

“I can just work with different people (with different) fitness levels and ages. This class is built for people who still have injuries and can work out, or limitations – whatever it is,” Sanchez said. “Because it’s low impact, they can still get a good work out and it’s challenging, but it’s not going to hurt them during the workout.”

She says the most challenging part of the class is just getting there in the morning, but bringing a buddy helps. It allows people to learn different styles of working out that you may have not thought about before.

“It’s different, so it kind of like gives them a different style and idea(s) to train on their own,” Sanchez said.

She hopes that the participants gain a better understanding of how to perform certain exercises and are encouraged to exercise despite whatever limitations they may face.

“Knowledge on how to do it (exercise) correctly, without hurting themselves and knowing that they can still do things, even if they have limitations or injuries or something like that,” Sanchez said.

Military spouses Gabriela Cruz and Ashley Garces have been trying to get back into working out and the LIIT with Jess class was perfect for them.

“I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of remembering what basic exercises to do and also how to use the machinery in the gym,” Garces said.

They both agreed that the upper body workouts were the most challenging for them and that being back in the gym has been good for them.

Classes are open to DoD ID card holders and their guests 16 years or older. The cost is three dollars for walk-ins and $45 for a 16-visit pass. For more information visit hood.armyMWR.com.