Avid golfers gathered at the Courses of Clear Creek Friday to participate in a golf scramble where retirees Jesse Rhymes, Ken Cox, Rusty Lippert and Fernando Sanchez won with a combined score of 54 points.

Golf is a sport that can be played safely during the pandemic and the Courses of Clear Creek have been providing opportunities for golfers to compete while also remaining safe.

Chuck McPhilomy, assistant manager of the Courses of Clear Creek, said they ask that only one person drive the golf carts throughout their playing time and have made other adjustments to minimize the chance of spreading COVID-19.

“The way we do things on the golf course now, we ask players to leave the flags in the hole so there’s no handling. We don’t have rakes in our bunkers, again a handling issue, so we ask players to try to smooth it out with their foot or golf club to keep it somewhat easy for the next player,” McPhilomy stated. “We don’t have any water on the course, we don’t have any ball washers, and anything that can be touched, we’ve tried to get them off the golf course.”

Spc. Ethan Miller and Spc. Bradley Jackson, both from the 401st Military Police Company, 720th MP Battalion, 89th MP Brigade, came out to the Courses of Clear Creek to have some fun and take a mental break.

“It’s slow paced. You play at your own pace. It’s very relaxed,” Jackson said of why he enjoys golfing.

They believe that playing golf is a great opportunity to interact with their co-workers in a non-work environment.

“It gives us a chance to see our co-workers outside of work and … especially in our job, a lot of it’s stressful working in law enforcement. It just gives us a chance to unwind and just be people,” Jackson said.

Miller added, “For instance, we’re here with some of our senior leaders. It’s good to bond with them outside of work, so it’s not work related.”

Not only is it a good mental break from work, they said golf is a good mental break from the current pandemic.

“It lets us get our minds off of everything that’s going on in the world, all the craziness and whatnot,” Jackson said.

Miller quickly added, “and I can get out of my room.”

McPhilomy also believes that it’s important to be able to get out and golf despite the pandemic.

“People are getting cabin fever. They need to get out and do something. Getting out here in the fresh air, personally, I believe helps the individual to relax. To me, this (golf) is very therapeutic, even though it’s a frustrating game, it can be therapeutic to a point. You’re getting out, you’re getting fresh air, you’re talking with other people, even though we’re masked up or gloved up.”

The next two golfing events are the Phantom Warrior Scramble and Fall Scramble, which are set for Aug. 21 and 22.

For more information, call the Courses of Clear Creek at 254-287-4130.