The Lampasas Badgers rolled over the Brownwood Lions 55-23 in their first game of the season in front of a stadium full of their fans.

Much like last season, fans came out in droves to support their Badgers in person, while it was also streamed for those who chose to stay at home due to COVID-19.

Head Coach Troy Rogers was happy to be back on the field and win their first game at home after all of the delays the pandemic has caused their preparation.

“It feels great,” Rogers said of the win. “It’s great to get out here and get to play. The kids, I thought, played well right out of the box, so I’m proud of them.”

The Badgers definitely brought their A-game, making big plays including a kickoff return by junior Case Brister in the fourth quarter.

“That was exciting. To be able to score a special teams touchdown, and we got a fumble recovery on a kickoff too, so I thought we did some good things in all phases of the game. We just have a long way to go – a lot of work to do.”

Though it’s clear that every aspect of the team is important to the Badgers, Rogers stated that special teams plays a crucial role.

“We practice it all the time. It’s a third of the game, so we put a lot of work in on special teams,” Rogers said. “We put a lot of work on trying to strip the ball away and stuff like that and take-aways. If you can win the take-away battle, you can usually win football games, and we did that tonight – we won the take-away battle.”

Though it seemed like the Badgers picked up right where they left off last season as far as their talent on the field goes, there were a few penalties that could have been avoided, and Rogers admitted that’s what he wanted to work on.

“We’ve got to clean up the penalties. We had some penalties. We’ve got to clean up,” Rogers said. “You kind of expect that in the first game, but you know, I can handle aggressive penalties. I don’t like the personal fouls that are selfish. When guys do those – that’s what hurts your team. Guys are going to make mistakes and be aggressive, and I can deal with that, but we’ve got to clean up those penalties.”

Rogers is going to take the momentum of their first big win of the season into next week and do their best to maintain it.

“When you’re one and oh, that’s all you try to be is every week you want to be one and oh. So we’ve got Stephenville next week and we’re going to put them in our radars and let’s go,” Rogers said.

The Badgers will take on the Stephenville Yellow Jackets at Stephenville High School on Sept. 4.