The Hood Mobilization Brigade hosted a 5K Fun Run at North Fort Hood Sept. 5. The fun run was open to all Fort Hood Soldiers and their family members. It was held at North Fort Hood, to allow units temporarily residing there, during their mobilization and demobilization training, to easily attend.

Over 100 Soldiers and families attendanced, representing six units mobilizing and demobilizing at Fort Hood, including the Hood Mobilization Brigade and 120th Infantry Brigade.  The fun run was hosted and coordinated by Maj. Robert Chestnut of the Hood Mob. Bde.

“This will hopefully be the first of many 5K fun runs hosted by HMB,” he said. “Our responsibility is not only to ensure Soldiers get through the mobilization and demobilization process, but also to improve the overall quality of life while they stay up at North Fort Hood.”

Chestnut coordinated with the North Fort Hood site support and several other entities to execute the fun run. Among the partnerships included the United Service Organizations, the Directorate of Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation team, and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Sport drinks and prizes were provided by U.S. Cryotherapy and GNC.

“I was overwhelmed and grateful with the amount of support received from these organizations,” Chestnut said. “Their support ultimately made this a fun and successful event.”

1st Lt. Vince Tagare, Detachment 2, 3200th Strategic Intelligence Group, came in first place at 21:03.

“I always like going out to these races. It was a nice turnout and best of all, it was free!” he said.  

Tagare and his detachment are staying at North Fort Hood while going through the mobilization process, prior to heading overseas for their mission.

Master Sgt. Jennifer Clayton, 393rd Brigade Support Battalion, was the first female to cross the finish line at 26:59. Clayton is stationed at Fort Hood and serves as an observer controller and trainer. Her battalion falls under the 120th Inf. Bde., which is responsible for the unit mobilization training prior to their deployments overseas.

Another unit that participated in the fun run was the 206th Regional Support Group out of Springfield, Illinois. Sgt. Trevor Stevens, from the unit, came in second place overall.

“It’s cool to be a part of a community event before our mobilization,” said Stevens.

Soldiers from the 206th are also currently going through training and residing at North Fort Hood prior to their mobilization overseas.

Stevens and his battle buddies from the 206th appreciated the break from the day to day mobilization training.

“It definitely boosted morale and gets people together,” he said.