The 19th annual Golf Championship took place at the Courses of Clear Creek, Sept. 14 and 15, with 70 golfers competing.

The championship was a 36-hole tournament with golfers shooting on 18 holes per day.

Manny Bhakta was the club championship winner with a score of 72 on Saturday and 77 on Sunday making his total score 149. He feels a sense of community with the golfers at the Courses of Clear Creek and it’s like a second home to him.

“Ever since I started competing in golf this has been one tournament that I have played over and over and over for the past 18, 20 years,” Bhakta said. “It’s like coming home for me, although I don’t get to play golf over here quite as much as I’d like to, I like to make it back for this golf tournament because it’s familiar, this is where I hone my skills.”

Even though he has been playing at the Courses of Clear Creek for years he still found it challenging.

“This golf course is tricky. These greens are tricky, the golf shots are very tricky, there are a lot of sight lines that are tricky, and when I played here regularly it was second nature, not so much anymore,” Bhakta said. “It’s quite a challenge now remembering and executing the shots that are required because it is a very demanding golf course.”

Bhakta believes golf is a sport that always keeps you coming back for more.

“I still keep chasing that elusive perfect score and there is none. There is no perfect score,” Bhakta said. “The illusion of doing better even when you do great, that’s what’s so good about golf is that there is no conquering golf.”

One golfer, Rusty Lippert, managed to shoot under par with a score of 71 on Sunday. He enjoys the people that he gets to play golf with.

“I like the competition the camaraderie, you know, it’s a lot of good people that play golf,” Lippert said.

Though not everyone could walk away with an award, everyone had a lot of fun.

One group in particular, consisting of retirees, were Willie Jones, Brent Hammer, Jim Hewitt and Ken Blalock, enjoyed the tournament. Jones had taken the liberty to name the group the “Over the Hill Gang”. They were upbeat and cracked jokes whenever the opportunity presented itself.

“The only reason I show up is because I play in the super senior section and I want to see who’s died,” Hewitt said causing everyone to erupt in a fit of laughter.

All jokes aside, they had fun to have fun and were aiming for first place in their category. The group did walk away with the top three spots in the super senior category with Brent Hammer in first, Ken Blalock in second and Willie Jones in third place.

Chris Osborne the Courses of Clear Creek general manager and head golf professional, believes that golf is a lifetime sport that anyone can play.

“Golf is probably the only sport you can play when you’re 8-years- old all the way ‘til you’re 98-years- old. Where all the other sports, once you get above a certain age, it’s tough to play anymore, but golf you can play for a lifetime,” Osborne said.

The Courses of Clear Creek is hosting their fall Demo Day from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Oct. 5. Vendors will bring their new equipment and allow players to test it out. For more information call 254-287-4130.