The third and final Sunset Soundz, hosted by the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, finished out the summer with a live Latin music performance Friday at Samuel Adams Brewhouse.

The event also offered free swimming at Patton Pool and pool table games, with food and drinks available for purchase at Samuel Adams Brewhouse.

The live Latin music was performed by Leonel Silvesdre, known as Leo-From-DR. Silvesdre, a former Fort Hood Soldier, with a family of his own, said that he came out in support of Soldiers and their families.

“Just leave the stress behind. Don’t worry about work, like the next week. Just enjoy the day with your family and that’s the whole purpose of this,” Silvesdre said.

Silvesdre said music is his passion. He believes that DFMWR events like this are important, because they give Soldiers a break from work and an opportunity to spend time with their families.  

“Bringing families together, they may not understand the lyrics, but as long as they feel the rhythm, if I can make them move, I’ll be happy,” Silvesdre said.     

Along with Silvesdre’s wife and 8-year-old daughter, more than 200 Soldiers and family members attended the third and final event of the summer.

Col. Terry Brannan and wife, Pam, brought their two boys to the event, while their oldest daughter, a life guard, was at Patton Pool working. Brannan shared that the family also attended the previous Sunset Soundz.

“I think it’s always important for a community to get together on base and do fun events outside of work,” Brannan said.

“It’s summer music and summer fun – all together,” Pam added.  

Pam said that the event was family friendly and Brannan said that he enjoyed the location of the event.

“My sons and husband would desperately want it to continue, because for them being at the pool in the summer and having live music – this just incorporates everything that we love,” Pam said. “There really couldn’t be a better Friday night for us than to hit the pool and hear the music and have great food.”

Rosie Vargas, DFMWR commercial sales manager, said that the program plans have a Sunset Soundz series again next summer.

“We know it’s sometimes hard to leave Fort Hood, especially having families, having to travel out,” Vargas said. “Seeing that school’s about to start, I know that some of our families aren’t traveling anymore, so just something fun for them on Fort Hood, where they don’t have to travel out, they can enjoy the music, food and just free pool.”

Vargas shared that these events are meant to bring the community together.

“We are always wanting to just build up that morale, just having our families know that not only does MWR, but some of the outside businesses, they want to help sponsor and make the families happy,” Vargas said. “Family event, family togetherness, just to have some fun.”