COVID-19 has forced event planners to think outside the box. Especially when it comes to sporting events, something that is the core of the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare & Recreation.

The last in-person event hosted by DFMWR was the Glowtastic 5K back in March. Since then, COVID-19 has put everything on hold, but with things returning to a new normal and today’s technology, hosting recreational events virtually is the route event planners are taking.

This year, Fort Hood’s Sprint Triathlon was held virtually from Sept. 16-30 to allow people to participate in the event in a way that made them feel safe during the current pandemic.

Toni Kornegay, recreation specialist for DFMWR, was pleased with the overall outcome of the virtual Sprint Triathlon, which had a total of 17 participants.

“The participants all said they enjoyed it. It was a way for them to stay active and do something they enjoy,” Kornegay said. “Even though it wasn’t competitive in the traditional sense, they still pushed hard to get a good time.”

Kornegay admitted though she was happy with the event’s outcome, it’s not as thrilling as having the competition in person.

“I think the most challenging part of hosting a virtual event is getting used to not having the hands-on experience we normally do. Not having the excitement of a live event,” Kornegay said.

Though there were no awards given for first, second or third place. Luke Strain had the best rowing time, while Sean Miller had the best swimming, biking and running times.

The virtual events don’t stop with the Sprint Triathlon. The Ten-Miler Shadow run is also being held virtually. In fact, it’s happening right now and will go on through Oct. 18 at midnight.

Kornegay wants everyone to know that they can register for the event even after the competition has started.

“The registration will remain open for the entire event, just in case anyone wants to join after it starts,” Kornegay said.

One big difference is that runners will not all be running the same route. Runners can choose where they want to run the 10-mile race.

“They (runners) can run where they choose,” Kornegay said. “It can be outside or they can just use a treadmill.”

Runners must complete the 10 miles in one run. Runners must also submit verifying screenshot information to include name, distance date and time to Toni Kornegay at by noon Oct. 19.

The virtual Fort Hood Ten-Miler is happening now. For more information and to register visit