The 74th Multi-Role Bridge Company skirted past the 4-5 Air Defense Artilery Brigade 13-12 in the Intramural Flag Football Championship Nov. 7.

Twenty-four teams participated in the league this season and the 74th MRBC came out on top. The competition was tough, especially the semi-finals with a game that went into triple overtime.

Sandi Repinski-Jensen, intramural sports coordinator, said flag football is the sport that keeps people coming back for more. She said has seen more new faces this year than ever before.

“This one’s got a lot of teams that come back every year. They’ve got coaches, they practice on the weekends,” Repinski-Jensen said. “You’re allowed to have so many players you can pull from farther out, farther down, which allows team morale. This year I had a lot more teams that have never played before, new teams coming out to play. And they take it hard. The teams that lost last night, they took it hard.”

Repinski-Jensen said flag football is different from other intramural sports because participants take it so seriously.

“I think the seriousness of it all is at a different level,” Repenski-Jensen said. “They’re coming out with plays, they’re coming out with the plays on the arm, they’re coming out with playbooks. They take this way more serious than any other sport. They get into it.”

Staff Sgt. Ray Digges, 74th MRBC, loves football and the intensity that flag football bring out in others. He was excited to participate in the intramural flag football league.

“I just love football and flag football is something that I’ve always been interested in doing,” Digges said. “It’s always a competition thing. It’s so good that we can participate in this tournament to see who is the best on the field.”

Spc. Jermarcus Sharpe, 4-5 ADA, believes that intramural sports is a much needed distraction from work.

“This is a stress reliever. It’s a way to get away from work. This is something to look forward to at the end of the duty day,” Sharpe said. “Without it, every day is the same  – go to work, go home ... go to work, go home. This adds something to your day and gives you a chance to not think about work.”

Repinski-Jensen said that some changes are coming for the 2020 season that will allow for more people to participate.

“We’re going to do an open tournament for flag football, which is something we are going to do new next year and that will allow anybody to come out and play, because we do have a lot of spouses that want to play and they can’t because this is for commanders cup, so that’s something new that’s in the works for next year.”

The next intramural sport to look forward to in the new year is basketball. For more information on upcoming intramural sports, visit or call 254-286-5800.