Fort Hood’s biggest football fans gathered at Samuel Adams Brewhouse Sunday evening to enjoy Super Bowl LV.

Though no Texas teams were in the big game, many guests attended because they have been to Samuel Adams Brewhouse for Super Bowl watch parties before and enjoy the atmosphere, even if their team wasn’t playing.

Kristine Hurley, business manager for Club Hood and Samuel Adams Brewhouse, was happy to be there and provide the guests that famous welcoming and fun atmosphere.

“The main purpose of MWR is to support all of our Soldiers, families, retirees and everybody that is military affiliated,” she said. “We have the whole MWR team in here, supporting all of our customers, just ensuring they’re going to have the best customer experience while they’re enjoying the party.”

Being manager of Club Hood and Samuel Adams Brewhouse for several years, she’s had a hand in her fair share of Super Bowl watch parties, and COVID-19 definitely forced them to make some adjustments.

“We limited the capacity down to 75. Usually, the regular capacity is about 200 (people). We also made sure we had a lot of signs for awareness. You know, they’re going to keep distance for safety and masks are still required,” Hurley said.

They  also made sure the only fun to be had wasn’t just watching the game. The first 50 attendees were given $10 food vouchers proudly sponsored by the Gary Sinise Foundation,  the first 30 were given a special game program, and a game of Super Bowl squares was played, with the winners receiving prizes facilitated by the BOSS program. The DFMWR Marketing and Advertising Branch, the BOSS program and Apache Arts and Crafts helped plan the annual event.

Many of the attendees were rooting for the Chiefs, but Hurley is a huge Tom Brady fan and was rooting for the Buccaneers to win.

“I’m rooting for Brady because I’m a Patriots fan,” she exclaimed.

It wouldn’t be a Fort Hood Super Bowl watch party without die-hard Cowboys fans in attendance and friends Teresa Booker, Janice Brown and Janet Gilmore made sure to show up in their best Cowboys gear.

“We wanted to make it a girls’ thing,” Brown said of why they came out to Samuel Adams Brewhouse to watch the game. “And, we love football!”

“We’ve came here before, last year, and we had a good time,” Booker added.

They all raved about how much they loved the atmosphere of the watch party and how friendly of an environment it is.

Even though their Cowboys weren’t in the game, they were pulling for the Kansas City Chiefs to win, because it’s time for the younger players to have their moment and said they are completely over Tom Brady.

“He needs to be on the couch with us,” Brown said of Brady, laughing.

As most Cowboys fans do, they have high hopes for next season, but Gilmore thinks the team will be at their peak maybe when her and her friends’ grandsons go pro.  

“I’m waiting for our grandsons to grow up so they can get some help,” Gilmore said, causing all of them to erupt into laughter.