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Army wives hold 4th expo in Killeen

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October 4, 2012 | Living
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Attendees of the Fort Hood Army Wives Expo crowd around a stand to sign up for Family photos. The event provided an opportunity for the community around Fort Hood to see different businesses around Fort Hood in one location. Spc. David Hauk, 14th PAD
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Sgt. Timothy Sibley and Katrina Sibley look at photo options at a local vendor during the Fort Hood Army Wives Expo Saturday. The expo provided customers like the Sibleys a chance to view smaller businesses run by Soldiers’ spouses. Spc. David Hauk, 14th PAD
The Fort Hood Army Wives set up an expo at the Killeen Civic Center Sept. 22 to showcase businesses operated by Soldiers’ spouses and provide services to the community.

The day started out with lines of patrons waiting to get in to the expo and shop around. As people filtered in, the building seemed to burst at the edges with shoppers wanting to see all that was offered.

The expo was the fourth time the Army wives organization has put on an event like this, and it was the second such event this year.

The organization has a spring and fall expo, Anita Hernandez, the Fort Hood Army Wives president, said.

The organization was started to help spouses with the challenges of running a business while following their husband from post to post.

“Since military spouses are always moving and looking for new homes, it can be very hard to keep up with their business and clientele,”

Hernandez said. “With this, they are able to re-establish their clientele and help them grow their

business and provide for their Family.”

For the people attending, the chance to buy a homemade product was appealing since most items were things they cannot normally find in stores.

“These are things people sell from their homes,” Jenn Carpenter, a self-published author of a book about being an Army wife, said. “It gives customers a great opportunity to find new things and support Army wives.”

The other attraction for Families in the area, Hernandez said, is that the expo offered fun options for children, as well. On this day, the expo held a kids carnival with small carnival games for children to play.

Sarah Cruz, an expo patron, said the fact that the expo offered things for her kids to do was a big reason she attended.

“I heard about the expo online and saw it had things for my kids to do to, so I figured I could get some Christmas shopping done,” she said.

Sgt. Timothy Sibley and his wife, Katrina, came by to shop around for specialty items they might not see in stores.

“(It’s) great to get Army wives’ businesses out there,” Sibley said. “The stuff for sale here is great, and we are having a lot of fun shopping around.”
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