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Hope Now provides help, insight to Fort Hood Soldiers

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January 17, 2013 | News
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Around 50 representatives from national lenders assist and give advice to service members, retirees and their Families at the Hope Now Alliance event Monday at the Fort Hood Community Events Center. Erin Rogers, Sentinel Staff
The Fort Hood Housing Office hosted Hope Now Alliance’s Fort Hood event Monday at the Fort Hood Community Events Center for active-duty service members, retirees, National Guard members and all Department of Defense civilians.

The focus of the event was to assist any and all service members who needed help with their mortgages, wanted to apply for a lower interest rate or were interested in enacting their Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) rights.

Eric Selk, the executive director for Hope Now Alliance, said the Washington, D.C.-based organization does these events all around the country, and while they are looking to extend their assistance to other military branches, so far it is exclusively Army.

“In the Army, these Soldiers and Families are PCSing all the time, and with moving as often as they do, housing is a continual issue,” Selk said. “Moving from place to place is part of their job, but the mortgage and interest rate issues that come with relocating aren’t always taken care of.”

One Fort Hood community member, Randy Doyle, Directorate of Public Works supervisor for environmental support team at Fort Hood, said when this

opportunity arose, he didn’t hesitate to take it.

“Being able to meet with my bank in person is so much nicer than trying to sort these things out over the phone,” Doyle said. “I have been wanting to refinance my home, and wanted to see if I could get a better interest rate. Coming here today proved helpful because I was able to get a great interest rate, and it was taken care of all in one place.”

Doyle’s appreciations for being able to make his goals a one-stop errand were part of Selk’s expectation for the day.

“Today is about answering any questions service members have about this topic quickly and easily,” Selk said.

Around 50 representatives from national lenders all brought their laptops so they could quickly access individual accounts to provide fast and easy assistance, while determining the best way to help with anything from avoiding foreclosure on a home to lowering an interest rate.

Susan Burrow, chief of Fort Hood Housing Services Office, said the event is especially important to Fort Hood because of the frequency Soldiers and their Families are coming and going.

“Fort Hood is a training base and the largest military installation; we have a lot of homeowners here who could benefit from this event,”

Burrow said. “This is a great way for the military homeowners who are facing these challenges to get them sorted out.”

The Hope Now Alliance event was Fort Hood’s first, but Burrow said she thinks the installation would benefit from hosting more events like it in the future.

Along with the many lenders present at the events center, there were other outlets provided in order to cover all areas of housing and mortgage issues. Fort Hood’s SJA was present answering any legal questions that visitors might have, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac representatives providing advice and assistance at the event in case an individual’s lender wasn’t present this time.

“This is just another fine example of Garrison going above and beyond to take care of our Soldiers,” Doyle said about the Hope Now Alliance event.

To find out about future Hope Now events, visit Hope Now’s website at
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