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ASAP moves, services located near Santa Fe gate

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June 13, 2013 | News
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Photo by Heather Graham-Ashley, Sentinel News Editor
As staff members from Fort Hood’s Army Substance Abuse Program continue to settle into their new offices near the hospital, they also are ensuring clients continue to receive seamless service.

ASAP was relocated from their offices on Support Avenue to Wratten Drive, just inside the Santa Fe Avenue gate. The move, which began in mid-December, was completed in February, Willie Shipmen, program manager, ASAP, said.

“It took awhile and a lot of work,” he said. “We are still getting things in place.”

The relocation involved moving ASAP services into four brick buildings on Wratten Drive, formerly home to some Warrior Transition Brigade services.

Counselors are now co-located with the prevention personnel for clinical services in Bldg. 36040 and Bldg. 36044. The Employee Assistance Program and biochemical lab, where Soldiers turn-in urinalysis samples and civilians receive their UA testing, are located in Bldg. 36041. Administrative offices, suicide prevention and the Medical Review Office for urinalysis are co-located in Bldg. 36045.

Trainers for ASAP prevention/education and risk reduction staff, are located in Bldg. 28008, near Abrams Physical Fitness Center.

One aspect that has not changed is access to services.

“We kept all of our services going the whole time by making plans ahead of time,” Shipman said. “Our patients are not feeling (any stress from) this move because we are making it happen.”

The move has involved some stress for the ASAP staff, as they work to find space for all of the items they need to do their jobs and keep their clients comfortable. They acquired storage a few weeks ago, Shipman said, noting that that is helping.

The largest obstacle they are facing seems to be the parking, or lack of it, along Wratten Drive. Because ASAP is located so close to the new medical center’s construction site, areas that could provide parking as blocked off, so many clients park along both sides of the road. Parking is available in parking lots behind the buildings, but the lots fill quickly.

When support groups meet three days a week, and some sessions overlap, the parking gets especially tight, Marshall Meyer, administrative assistant, ASAP, said.

ASAP is open for EAP and treatment services 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Urinalysis services are conducted 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Some phone numbers for ASAP services have changed.

For more information about the program, call 287-3378. The EAP can be reached at 286-6216. For information about prevention and education, call 618-7446. For the biochemical lab, call 287-4714. The suicide prevention program can be reached at 287-5245. The phone number for risk reduction is 287-1583.
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