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Education Services Division holds Military Evaluation, Career Day

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August 22, 2013 | Leisure
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Service members fill up the Multi-use Learning Facility to take the Kuder Journey Assessment and print their Joint Service Transcript during the Education Services Division’s Military Evaluation and Career Day at the Fort Hood Education Center Aug. 14. Completing those two tasks was the first step of an eight-step process for attendees of the event.
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Guidance counselors were lined up to evaluate Soldiers’ military transcripts and explain the opportunities available to service members during the Education Services Division’s Military Evaluation and Career Day at the Fort Hood Education Center Aug. 14.
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Staff Sgt. Rodrigo Rodriguez, infantryman, Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 3rd Cav. Reg., listens to Everett Young, guidance counselor, discuss his military experience and how it will translate to his civilian education during the Education Services Division’s Military Evaluation and Career Day at the Fort Hood Education Center Aug. 14. Rodriguez said he learned a lot during his evaluation and recommended the event to other Soldiers. (Photos by Sgt. Jordan Johnson, Sentinel Assistant Editor)
The Fort Hood Education Services Division held a Military Evaluation and Career Day at the Fort Hood Education Center, Aug. 14.

Events such as the evaluation day are popular with Soldiers, and ESD staffers expected hundreds of Soldiers to attend, said Darryl Murray, a guidance counselor with the ESD.

“Normally, we will receive about 350, about 400 Soldiers every event,” Murray said. “They can get a start on their college education. We can also help Soldiers that have already started with college. The purpose of the event is to help Soldiers improve not only in their civilian education, but military as well.”

Service members who were able to make it to the Education Center participated in an eight-step process, which included the Kuder Journey Assessment, meetings with counselors, briefings, a presentation of in-demand jobs and a survey. Everyone began the evaluation at the Multi-use Learning Facility, Murray said.

“When they come in, they can come into the MLF, which will be step one, get the JST, the Joint Service Transcript printout, as well as register for the Kuder and take the first assessment, and I would say probably about 15 to 20 minutes before they would see an actual counselor,” Murray said. “In the meantime, while they wait, they will be able to go around to the tables and see the colleges, as well as the other agencies that we have here.

“We have Austin Community College, Temple College, so we not only have the local colleges like Central Texas College and Texas A&M, but we also have some colleges visiting us today from some of the surrounding areas. We also have Region 12 alternate teacher certification. We’ll have a representative from the Texas Veterans Commission. We do have some things available today that we wouldn’t normally have,” he added.

With so many tools and organizations available to assist Soldiers, the event was very informative, said Staff Sgt. Rodrigo Rodriguez, infantryman, Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

“I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know,” Rodriguez said. “What actually brought me out here today was to come out here and try to get some help with trying to sign up for college and try to get some military education converted into college and to kind of help me out with my degree plan.”

Meeting with the counselors helped Rodriguez learn how his Army experience and his military occupational specialty will be able to help him with his college education, he said.

“There’s a lot of stuff, just being in the military, that helps you out, just depending on your MOS, different kinds of skills and stuff,” Rodriguez said. “It will just help you out. You just got to look into that and see what colleges are willing to accept some of that and convert it into a civilian education.”

Rodriguez learned so much from the experience that he said he’d encourage his battle buddies to attend.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Rodriguez said. “Even right now, before I leave, I’ll probably call some of my Soldiers and tell them, ‘hey, come get over to the Education Center to go ahead and try to take advantage of this opportunity that’s going to help you out in the future.’”

However, for the service members who were unable to attend the evaluation day due to training events, deployments, missions or any other reason, Murray said he’d encourage them to visit the Education Center when they get the chance.

“I would advise them to come up and see us,” Murray said. “We have so many services. We can help you with your education, we can help you with testing, GT (General Technical score) improvement, we have computers at the MLF; Soldiers can come up and use those computers. We have college representatives. We have so many things. The flow of information is constant, so if a Soldier wants to stay current on what’s happening with education, I would certainly advise them to come up and talk with us.”

Being able to help the multitude of service members he did during the event was something he enjoyed, Murray said.

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” Murray said. “My degree is a master’s in counseling. I’m prior military; I’m a veteran. I’m doing something that I like and I enjoy. I feel this is a way of still serving the Soldiers, or serving along with the Soldiers, to try to help them with their education. It’s a very rewarding feeling and I really enjoy what I do.”
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