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418th Trans Co ‘Road Knights’ pave way for sister units

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November 7, 2013 | News
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Spc. Quinton Fogle and Spc. Jerry Maldonado pull security while conducting battle drills prior to a convoy mission in Afghanistan. The 418th TC is responsible for providing sustainment support to U.S. Forces and select Coalition Forces throughout Regional Command’s South, West, and Southwest.
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Soldiers assigned to the 418th TC, 87th CSSB, 15th Sust. Bde., haul heavy equipment to its next site during a multi-compositional convoy mission in Afghanistan. The “Road Knights” are responsible for providing sustainment support to U.S. Forces and select Coalition Forces throughout Regional Commands South, West, and Southwest in addition to assisting with synchronizing and executing the movement of retrograde equipment. (Photos by 1st Lt. Amanda Cookman, 87th CSSB)
SHINDAND AIR BASE, Afghanistan - The 418th Transportation Company “Road Knights,” 87th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 15th Sustainment Brigade set the bar for its sister elements to emulate by becoming the first multi-composition truck company in the 87th CSSB.

Prior to the unit’s deployment and train-up, the Road Knights were primarily a Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) and Palletized Load System (PLS) unit working under the 553rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade at Fort Hood.

The drawdown deadlines set by Congress increased the need for versatile sustainment support units equipped to handle the high demand of retrograde missions in Afghanistan.

The 418th TC met these goals by training for months before and during their deployment, investing time in developing its Soldiers into a well-disciplined logistics element capable of conducting retrograde operations via multiple means of logistics transportation.

The tactical training took the form of two National Training Center rotations, a field-training exercise and extensive training on multi-compositional missions while in Afghanistan.

Capt. Mark Canary, commander of the 418th TC, explained how imperative this modification, to their unit’s capabilities, was to their mission.

“It is a unique mission set that provides supported commanders and units fluidity on the battle field, meeting requirements without a lag in capabilities,” Canary said. “It is the only way we can ensure mission accomplishment regardless of external support.”

The company’s newly acquired fleet as a multi-compositional truck company included HETs, PLSs, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles and the rough terrain cargo handler vehicles.

These new abilities and equipment positively affected the way transportation logistics operations were performed as the “Road Knights” have not only exceeded their mission requirements but continue to excel as they conduct combat logistics operations in Afghanistan.

Lt. Col. Lance Curtis, commander of the 87th CSSB, praised the 418th for their ingenuity.

“These Soldiers, some operating in a capacity outside their primary military occupational specialty, added their expertise to the fight,” Curtis said.

The Road Knights play a vital role in Operation Enduring Freedom by permanently closing down six forward operating bases, becoming the premier transportation company in Regional Command West.
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