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Students help 85th CA Bde create environmental banners

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June 5, 2014 | Leisure
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Jocelyn Lawrence and Samantha Kriner, sophomores at the KISD Career Center, work on creating a Net Zero Waste banner helping out their adopted unit, the 85th CA Bde. The 85th CA Bde., along with other units on Fort Hood, have been challenged with educating Fort Hood Soldiers and civilians about and encouraging everyone on the installation about recycling and Net Zero 2020. Photo by Christine Luciano, DPW Environmental
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Maj. Kara Escajeda, environmental compliance officer, and Lt. Thomas Etienne, recycle coordinator from the 85th CA Bde., hang one of the two banners created by KISD students to help encourage the installation’s Net Zero 2020 initiative at the brigade motor pool Monday. Photo by Christine Luciano, DPW Environmental
Jocelyn Lawrence and Samantha Kriner, sophomores at the Killeen Independent School District Career Center, volunteered to help their Adopt-A-Unit with an environmental project.

The 85th Civil Affairs Brigade reached out to their school liaison, Tiffany Jackson, to recruit students to help them work toward the installation’s Zero-Boot-Print challenge.

Units have been challenged to educate and foster accountability in individuals to conserve fiscal and natural resources, as well as maximize cost avoidance and minimize environmental impacts to support the Net Zero Waste initiative.

One of the requirements is to work with a unit-sponsored school to promote environment awareness.

“We wanted to take the opportunity to get beyond the fence line and find positive ways to interact with the community,” said Lt. Thomas Etienne, recycle coordinator for the 85th CA Bde.

Maj. Kara Escajeda, environmental compliance officer, and Etienne worked with Jackson to recruit students to help create net zero waste banners.

“We have a strong partnership with our unit,” Jackson said. “Most of our students are related to the military. As good neighbors, it is very important to have those ties and support our Soldiers.”

Jackson worked with Alice Taylor, the Career Center’s graphic design and Illustration teacher, to have Lawrence and Kriner create two banners.

“I like knowing that I have created something that will be used at Fort Hood to help encourage people to recycle,” Kriner said.

The students used a recently acquired large format printer to create the center’s first project.

“We train the students in computer design but also train them in output and how information should be presented to the public,” Taylor said. “The goal is to expand the program and be able to do other similar projects for the public as a way to train our students.”

The banner encourages individuals to recycle not only for the environment today but for tomorrow too and help keep the world clean and safe for kids.

“Doing your part for the environment is as simple as throwing something into the recycle bin,” Lawrence said. “It’s just too easy to recycle.”

The banners will hang at the brigade motor pool and at the 81st Civil Affairs Battalion.

“It’s amazing how creative the kids are and energetic about their work towards this challenge,” Escajeda said. “We appreciate Ms. Jackson, Ms. Taylor and the students for their willingness to help us with our environment efforts.”
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