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Phantom Warrior unveiled

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September 17, 2009 | Living
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Shortly after the Phantom Warrior statue was unveiled Tuesday morning in the West Atrium of the III Corps and Fort Hood headquarters building, Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch thanked Sandra Skinner, owner of Ashley Furniture in Killeen, for her business’s contributions to the furnishing of the Phantom Warrior Room. After the unveiling ceremony, Lynch’s wife, Sarah, cut the ribbon dedicating the room, which features displays and photographs that illustrate the corps’ history. A metal statue of the Phantom Warrior will be placed outside the headquarters in January. A smaller version will deploy with troops. Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff
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After it was maneuvered down a hallway, which took about 45 minutes, pipes wrapped in styrofoam were used to lift the Phantom Warrior from its wood shipping cradle onto its pedestal in the West Atrium at III Corps Headquarters. Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff
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Last Thursday afternoon, work crews used a crane to move the fiberglass statue, which weighs about 1,000 pounds, from a trailer to the west entrance of the III Corps headquarters building. Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff
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Soldiers strain to lift the Phantom Warrior statue into an upright position so it can be removed from a cradle constructed from its shipping supports. Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff
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Soldiers and contractors lift the Phantom Warrior statue onto its pedestal Thursday in the West Atrium. After it was unloaded from its transport trailer, about 25 Soldiers worked with contractors to move the statue down a long hall before they placed it on its pedestal. Michael Heckman, Sentinel Staff
Anyone for whom “The Death Dealer” evokes memories of Conan the Barbarian wouldn’t be far from the source of inspiration for the creator of what has become a symbol of the lethal power and maneuverability of a heavy armored corps.

Frank Frazetta, an artist whose illustrations have given form to characters the public has come to associate with Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Tarzan, in addition to Conan, created “The Death Dealer” to illustrate the cover of southern rock band Molly Hatchett’s 1978 debut album.

The III Corps connection with Frazetta’s art was made in 1985, when then Lt. Gen. Crosbie Saint obtained Frazetta’s permission to use “The Death Dealer” as a symbol for III Corps. In 2009, the Frazetta Family commissioned Deep in the Heart Foundry in Bastrop to build a Phantom Warrior statue.

Tuesday morning, the three-dimensional fiberglass statue of an 18-hands tall Shire draft horse mounted by an imposing, 6-foot, 6-inch warrior was unveiled in the West Atrium of its headquarters by the corps’ commander, Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch.

Lynch has used the Phantom Warrior to reinforce the identity of III Corps to its Soldiers, the Army and nation.

After the unveiling ceremony, Lynch’s wife, Sarah, cut a ribbon dedicating the Phantom Warrior Room, which contains information and photographs about the corps’ history and accomplishments during both world wars and in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism.
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