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1st Cav Soldiers bring Fort Hood history to AUSA conference

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October 15, 2009 | News
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Sgt. Maj. Kenneth O. Preston, 13th sergeant major of the Army, presents a coin Oct. 4 to Spc. David Schwartz, a repair and maintenance Soldier with 1st Cavalry Division’s Horse Cavalry Detachment. Preston also recognized the Central Texas-Fort Hood AUSA chapter for the best display tent. Spc. Christopher M.Gaylord, 13th PAD
Many of the Soldiers who travelled to Washington, D.C., Oct. 4-8 to represent Fort Hood at the Association of the United States Army annual conference were selected to do so because of their exceptional performance.

A group of 1st Cavalry Division Soldiers were certainly no exception.

These three Soldiers, from the division’s Horse Cavalry Detachment, are part of a rich history and tradition that set Fort Hood apart from other military installations throughout the entire conference.

Officially kicking off the week-long event, hundreds of Army divisions, commands, posts and special programs stood tall in the early hours of the morning Oct. 4 representing themselves with decorated tents in the parking lot of the Pentagon in D.C.

While Soldiers and civilians passed by, many drew attention by flaunting their own rock bands and handing out gadgets, gear and gizmos imprinted with “Dog-faced Soldiers” or “All the Way.” Meanwhile, Fort Hood’s cavalry Soldiers, clad in black felt hats, 19” boots, and wool shirts – military uniforms from the 1800s – showcased the way troops operated before automatic rifles, before body armor, and before the armored vehicles that have long since replaced horses.

Family after family rushed up to the life-size fake horse the three Soldiers had brought with them, posing for photographs and asking questions about their display, which consisted of old military ranks, sabers, rifles, saddles and uniform patches. But, this attention was nothing new for the horse cavalry detachment Soldiers. This is what they live for.

“I’m proud of the cavalry,” said Staff Sgt. Luc Dauvin, a scout with the Horse Cavalry Detachment who was chosen to travel to D.C. for the second year in a row to share with the AUSA audience the cavalry history. “I feel proud to make this my uniform and be able to publicly represent the cavalry.”

“We show the side of (the Army) that made the 1st Cavalry Division a legend to begin with: the old horse-mounted cavalry,” said Spc. David Schwartz, a repair and maintenance Soldier with the detachment.

Dauvin said the detachment sends a few Soldiers to the conference each year, and on this trip he was fortunate enough to lead two junior Soldiers on their first visit to the event.

Back at Fort Hood, Dauvin and the rest of the Horse Cavalry Detachment fulfill a little-known and overlooked duty caring for and riding more than 35 horses and 5 mules.

Personally, Dauvin is responsible for shoeing the horses. Other responsibilities include repairing saddles, fixing damaged equipment and cleaning the horses’ stalls.

This is all done to ensure the 1st Cav. Div. is able to represent its horseback customs at changes of command, unit pre-deployment and post-deployment ceremonies, and other high-profile events within the division – something Dauvin hopes he’s able to do in the future.
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