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Fort Hood Tax Center opens for business at no cost

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January 14, 2010 | Editorial
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The Fort Hood Tax Center is located in Bldg. 51000 to the right of the Clear Creek Commissary. Spc. Kimberly Millett, III Corps Public Affairs
The Tax Center opens Tuesday and is located next to Clear Creek Commissary. What I have observed is a world-class operation providing Soldiers and members of our community high-quality assistance with income taxes at no cost.

You can be proud that our Fort Hood Tax Center is the largest in the Army, providing service to thousands of Soldiers and family members every year. Last year, the center saved $1.9 million in tax preparation fees.

Income tax filing can be stressful and complex, especially for those who are in or have departed combat zones, and because of the economic stimulus checks we received last year. Our staff of Soldiers and civilian tax preparers are trained, ready and eager to help members of the Fort Hood Community file their taxes quickly, accurately and, most importantly, to receive a healthy refund.

Our center uses a tax program furnished by the Internal Revenue Service, called TaxWise, and we electronically file. The refund is received, if direct deposit is chosen, in 8 to 14 days without any charge, fee or interest costs that are typically related to tax refund anticipation loans from private tax services. Soldiers or their families who qualify to file a simple return using IRS for 1040EZ can come by at any time 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday. On Thursdays, the hours will be extended to 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Patrons can drop off their tax documents at the 1040EZ desk and return in three days to sign and file their finished return.

The best way to use the center is to make an appointment. About a quarter of our staff is dedicated to pre-scheduled appointments. The remainder of the staff serves walk-in clients. Soldiers, family members and retirees can call for an appointment during normal business hours at 288-7995.

For more information on the opening of the Tax Center, see page A3.

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Earlier this week, I had the privilege of presenting our Client Services Office two prestigious awards - the 2008 Chief of Staff Award for Legal Assistance and the 2008 Office of the Judge Advocate General Award for Claims excellence. We truly have the best service team in the Army.
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