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Warrior Transition Units: Assignment process for Warriors in Transition explained

Email   Print   Share By Sgt. 1st Class Ollie Green, Asst. IG, III Corps
May 20, 2010 | News
Warrior Transition Units are designed to meet the needs of Soldiers who are wounded, ill, injured, or require complex medical case management of more than six months. So what is a Warrior in Transition? A Warrior in Transition is any Soldier who requires significant medical intervention in order to heal and return to duty or in order to make a successful transition to veteran status. Assignment to a WTU will not be performed solely for a command to begin early requisitioning of replacement personnel or for compassionate reasons.

A Soldier will be eligible for Warrior in Transition status and may be assigned or attached to a WTU only when nominated by both the Soldier’s commander and the treating medical provider. Packets of Soldiers nominated will be reviewed by a triad of leadership. The leadership panel consists of unit commanders, command sergeants major; medical treatment facility commanders, command sergeants majors and first sergeants; and WTU commanders, command sergeants majors and first sergeants.

The triad will review each packet independently in order to ensure eligibility, and that the entry, management, and exit policy of the WTU is balanced and capable of responding to the medical needs of every WT. Each packet reviewed will be determined and given a disposition, as follows:

a. Soldiers with complex medical conditions requiring extensive case management will be qualified for assignment or attachment to the WTU.

b. Soldiers with medical conditions not requiring extensive case management will remain under the unit’s care and utilize the standard healthcare system.

Eligibility criteria vary based on the component status of each Soldier. For specific eligibility/ineligibility requirements please refer to Patient Administration, AR 40-400, Ch. 8, dated Jan. 27.

Eligible Soldiers can be assigned to the WTU at any time, and may be assigned in an inpatient or outpatient status. When a Soldier enters the WTU, the MTF commander will ensure that the parent unit is notified within 24 hours. If the unit is deployed, the forward unit commander or designated representative will be notified.

Notification will include the date of entry as well as a copy of the orders assigning or attaching the Soldier to the WTU. Another notification will be made when the Soldier is returned to duty or another disposition is made. Soldiers expected to be in the WTU or who have been in the WTU for more than 30 days should be assigned to the WTU.

A Soldier’s desire to remain in his/her parent unit will be given consideration based upon input from both the Soldier’s commander as well as the assigned medical provider. Soldiers assigned or attached to the WTU may be assigned temporary duties in the MTF or in a local unit, provided such duties do not interfere with their availability for medical care requirements. Patients will not be assigned duties outside the limits of their physical profile.

WTU is designed to ensure that healing is the first priority for injured Soldiers and was stood up to provide high quality living conditions, prevent unnecessary procedural delays, and to facilitate the Soldier’s physical, mental and spiritual healing process.
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