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BOSS: Month-long competition wraps up at Pluckers in Killeen

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October 7, 2010 | Leisure
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On Sept. 2, the preliminary round of the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers programís Call of Duty Tournament: Modern Warfare Two took off at a great pace with 12 teams competing for a chance to go to the finals Sept. 30, and also win a $20 Pluckers gift card.

The rules were simple: the time limit was set to 10 minutes and the kill score was set at 7500. With the players only being able to use default classes, the games were based on skill alone. Throughout the rest of the month more than 40 teams competed in the four preliminary rounds which were held every Thursday evenings at Pluckers Wing Bar in Killeen.

Many teams came back time and time again to try and win the Pluckers gift card and a spot in the finals. After the last preliminary round was played on Sept. 23, four teams had earned their shot at glory in the finals. And to spice the competition up a little bit, a random team was added to the list of teams slated to compete.

At 4 p.m. Sept. 30 the final round of the tournament kicked off with five teams hoping to win. To make things fair, the team names were placed in a cup and placed on the game bracket in the order that they were drawn. Being a single-elimination event, and one team receiving a bye, the other four teams knew they had to be playing at their best to make it to the next game.

With quite a few tense moments, the winning team of Trey Glenn and Charles Massey played three games back-to-back to take the championship. They each walked away with a pair of Triton head-phones compatible with both Playstation and Xbox, a free reserved copy of the Call of Duty Black Ops game coming out in November and a $50 gift card for Pluckers.

If you missed out on the tournament last month, make sure you check out our upcoming events because we will be doing it again soon!


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