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Make DA photo appointments now

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October 28, 2010 | News
In preparation of upcoming Department of Army centralized promotion boards, the Fort Hood Visual Information Center will begin taking DA photos Monday for the second quarter boards.

“We want Soldiers to start scheduling for their photos beginning Nov. 1,” Sharon Dukes, chief of the Visual Information Branch, said. “It’s significant this year because the number of our staff photographers is less than previous years.”

Dukes said it’s important for Soldiers preparing for upcoming promotion boards to get their DA photos taken early. While the staff shortage won’t affect processing times for the digital photographs, she said that her organization is opening the window of opportunity to take photos early to avoid a last-minute rush in January.

“Primarily, the E-7 board is the biggest board in the Army,” she said. “That’s coming February 3-28.”

Annually, Dukes said this period is the busiest for her staff of photographers, averaging 2,100 DA photos from December through February. To schedule a DA photo appointment, use one of the following links: or If this is your first time using VIOS, Dukes said you must register with the system. Follow the instructions for VIOS registration, select the Fort Hood site, click on the DA 3903 Work Request Form and complete the screens to request a photo appointment.

All DA photo appointments must be scheduled online through VIOS. The photography studios are set up on an appointment-only basis.

For more information, call VI Customer Service Center at 287-4960/3909, or e-mail
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