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Phase 2 physicals: When completed, does it place limitations on Soldiers or commanders?

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Email   Print   Share By Sgt. 1st Class ron Sago, Asst. IG, III Corps
November 18, 2010 | News
Here’s the situation: “Spc. John Doe” is preparing to exit the Army within the next two months and he has just completed his Phase 2 physical. One of Doe’s battle buddies tells him since he has completed his Phase 2 physical, he cannot do physical training and cannot participate in his unit’s upcoming training activities. His battle buddy tells him he cannot do anything where he may get hurt, because if he gets injured the Army is not going to help him with his medical bills or allow him to see a doctor.

Is this true? What are Spc. Doe’s limitations? What limitations does his chain of command have?

The III Corps Inspector General’s Office routinely receives telephone calls from Soldiers asking the question, “Can my unit make me participate in PT and other unit training activities once I complete Phase 2 of my physical?”

The bottom line up front is this: There are no limitations placed upon Soldiers or commanders after a Phase 2 physical has been completed unless the Soldier has a profile with limitations that clearly and thoroughly outline those limitations. Soldiers are required to continue to participate in PT. There is no regulation that supports the myth that they can’t participate.

In addition to PT, Soldiers can also continue to participate in unit training activities. The decision whether a Soldier participates, or does not participate in unit training activities, rests solely with the commander.

If a Soldier is injured while participating in PT or other unit training activities after completing their Phase 2 physical, Soldiers will seek normal medical treatment by utilizing the sick call process at their medical treatment facility.

As with any visit to the treatment facility, the injury, along with treatment and medications, will be annotated in the Soldiers medical records. After their Phase 2 physical, Soldiers are still required to be able to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test and meet the requirements of Army Regulation 600-9 until they are discharged from the Army.

In accordance with AR 601-210, if a Soldier has not completed their eight-year total commitment, they are required to meet these standards even after leaving the active Army, since they can be recalled to active duty at any time within their period of obligation.

Army Regulation 40-501, Standards for Medical Fitness, outlines physicals and what occurs during each phase; however, it does not cover Soldier limitations. Soldiers should speak with their chain of command if they have questions concerning their Phase 2 physical, limitations or anything else during this process.

The chain of command is there to assist you and guide you. As always, your local IG office is also available to assist, if your chain of command is unable to provide the appropriate assistance.
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