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Volunteer spirit hits BOSS

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December 9, 2010 | Leisure
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Last Friday was phenomenal! We had 19 Soldiers come out to the Jesus Hope and Love Mission and work hard to turn an old building into a place where some of the less fortunate members of the community can come to get a second chance. Pastor Steven Chae has a great vision for the future, and the Fort Hood Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program will be right there with him the whole way.

This week, several BOSS Soldiers also came and helped out at the annual Trees for Troops event. We gave away 400 live Christmas trees. We couldn’t have done it without their help, so a big thanks to those volunteers.

Coming up next week, BOSS will be taking a trip that will get you into the winter spirit! We’re going ice skating in Round Rock on Dec. 16. The cost is only $15 and includes transportation. Stop by our office in the Phantom Warrior Center or give us a call, 287-6116, for more information.

During the holiday months, it’s important to remember the single Soldiers here on Fort Hood are sometimes forgotten. While many of our Soldiers are spending time with their families and/or visiting relatives, there are going to be Soldiers that have no other option than to stay on Fort Hood. BOSS is here for those Soldiers. On Dec. 23, we are getting into the holiday spirit with a Christmas party. We have all kinds of great things planned to do that day, but the best part will be the food!

Be sure to visit and register as a volunteer for the BOSS program. Did you know you can earn 15 promotion points by just volunteering? The Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal is one of those hidden gems in the Army, because not only can it help your career, it can make you feel good, too. There are many great places to volunteer in your local community, so register and find out what you can do today.
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