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BOSS helps bring big smiles, full stomachs with Thanksgiving meal

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December 9, 2010 | Leisure
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A Soldier from the Fort Hood BOSS program scoops up some dressing at the U.S. Club in Killeen during a special, free Thanksgiving meal for the troops Nov. 24. Pfc. Christopher A. Calvert, 13th PAD
With the holiday season in full swing, many Soldiers decide to spend their time off work with loved ones. Since many single Soldiers don’t have the opportunity to spend the holidays with family, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers helped bring a family environment to those without loved ones here for Thanksgiving.

BOSS hosted their annual, free Thanksgiving meal for single Soldiers at the U.S. Club in Killeen Nov. 24.

Single Soldiers who attended the event had the opportunity to select from a variety of customary Thanksgiving cuisine, including turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Troops also had the chance to indulge in sushi and other non-traditional foods while bonding with their peers.

“Thousands of Soldiers on Fort Hood don’t have a home they can go to,” Spc. Ryan Konewko, BOSS president, said. “Single Soldiers often have nobody they can call family, and it’s frustrating because sometimes we’re unable to provide that for them. This is our chance to make single Soldiers feel at home. We help give them that family they don’t have here.”

Konewko said the BOSS Thanksgiving meal helped improve morale and defeat loneliness by providing single Soldiers the chance to bond during the holiday.

“Our goal today was for everyone to walk out happy and full,” Konewko said. “The Thanksgiving meal seemed to lift spirits and help bring happiness to those who would otherwise feel left out.”

The BOSS Thanksgiving meal was geared around improving single Soldier’s quality of life, which is one of three pillars upon which BOSS is based. Other pillars embraced by BOSS include recreation and leisure and community service.

BOSS defines quality of life as anything that can be done to directly or indirectly enhance single Soldiers’ morale, living environment or personal growth and development.

Some of the issues addressed by BOSS councils include dining facilities, education, fitness centers, Soldiers’ quarters, medical and dental care, commissary and Army Air Force Exchange Service. Quality of life issues identified or raised during BOSS meetings are directed to the appropriate command or staff agency for resolution and resolved at the lowest level.

By providing single Soldiers with opportunities that help raise spirits like a free, hot Thanksgiving meal, BOSS is actively working to help improve the well-being of those in the Army without family around, Konewko said.

“The BOSS program has offered so many awesome opportunities at Fort Hood,” Spc. Morgan Bowden, a BOSS representative for the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, said. “Single Soldiers should definitely take advantage of the opportunities BOSS provides.”
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