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BOSS breaks ice, helps create new friendships with ice skating getaway

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December 23, 2010 | Leisure
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Kris Price tightens up her skates as she prepares to break the ice with her new friends Dec. 16 during the BOSS ice skating getaway at the Chaparral Northcross Ice Center in Austin. Pfc. Christopher A. Calvert, 13th PAD
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Private Alain Kala, a seasoned ice hockey player, demonstrates a high-risk stunt Dec. 16 during the BOSS ice skating getaway at the Chaparral Northcross Ice Center in Austin.
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Specialist Ryan Konewko offers skating tips and a helping hand to Kris Price during the BOSS ice skating getaway.
AUSTIN – Soldiers work hard every day across the globe to complete the mission at hand. During time off, many Soldiers choose to spend their leisure participating in new and exciting activities. The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program offered troops looking for something new and interesting a rare chance to lace up their skates and hit the ice.

BOSS took some Soldiers on an ice skating getaway at the Chaparral Northcross Ice Center here Dec. 16. During the trip, many Soldiers ice skated for the first time and seasoned skaters had a chance to brush up on their skating technique while helping battle buddies to learn the ropes.

“Ice skating is something different and new for most Soldiers at Fort Hood,” Kris Price, BOSS volunteer, said. “It gives most everyone a chance to step out of their comfort zone, unite and have a great time.”

Price said the trip not only provided single Soldiers with a chance to get out of the barracks for free, but also an opportunity to create valuable new friendships with Soldiers outside of their units.

“Everyone needs a break, otherwise you could go insane,” Price said. “BOSS provides the opportunity for someone who is a loner to get out and find someone to spend time with during hours outside of work. Fellowship is essential in the Army, and trips like these give single Soldiers a chance to get out of the barracks, have fellowship, and meet that buddy who can be there with support for the good and bad times.”

Private 1st Class Michael J. Mason, 502nd Human Resources Company, 4th Brigade Troops Battalion, said BOSS gave him his first shot to hit the ice, and to bond with fellow single Soldiers.

“I’m excited I finally got to do something new for a change,” Mason said. “This ice skating trip not only gave me the chance to try something new, it gave me the opportunity to create new friendships. I’ll never know when I might need these new friendships in the future, so I always do my best to attend these events and support the outstanding BOSS program.”

Trips like these allow single Soldiers an opportunity to relax, clear their heads and contemplate how to improve themselves, Mason said.

“Time off is important for a Soldier to breathe, relax and improve upon themselves,” Mason said. “It helps us to evaluate our performance and better ourselves for the next day.”

The ice skating trip was held to give single Soldiers’ recreation and leisure time, one of BOSS’ three pillars, Spc. Ryan Konewko, BOSS President, said. Other pillars embraced by BOSS include addressing quality of life issues and community service.

“Recreation and leisure time is very important because it gives everyone a chance to release pent-up tension and stress,” Konewko said. “The most important thing about BOSS is that it helps make life better for single Soldiers.”

BOSS councils have sponsored events such as Soldier talent competitions, concerts, dances, and trips in order to help improve the livelihood that single troops have in the Army, Konewko said.

“Activities like ice skating are a great opportunity to engage in new and interesting friendships,” Konewko said. “More often than not, single Soldiers find it hard to become involved with troops that aren’t in the same units as them. The greatest thing I found within the Army’s ranks is that it resembles a cultural melting pot, including people with experiences from all over the world. BOSS leisure and recreation activities provide the avenue upon which a Soldier can see what else is out there, meet new people, go to new places, and enjoy themselves while doing it.”

As smiling Soldiers unlaced their ice skates, Price said she had an amazing time and looks forward to attending BOSS events in the future.

“I had a great time,” Price said. “I fell a few times, but got back up with the support of the Soldiers. No Soldier left their comrade behind on the ice, many got over their fear of falling, and we all see that we’re not alone. It was an amazing experience.”
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