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Moving soon? New system easy, efficient, saves government money

Email   Print   Share By Gladys Yoshinaka, Installation Transportation Officer
January 20, 2011 | Editorial
In the past year, big changes have been implemented in order to improve the management and movement of household goods and other personal property. The Department of Defense, via the U.S. Transportation Command and Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, has launched the Defense Personal Property System to conveniently and efficiently facilitate the management of moving household goods and personal property.

DPS intends to automate the many steps involved in military moves such as: pre-move counseling, scheduling, tracking, invoicing and claims-filing. In addition to convenience, DPS has already shown initial cost savings and that’s great for the military which spends about $2 billion a year for more than 550,000 household moves.

Eventually, DPS will greatly reduce the need for service members and other Department of Defense personnel to arrange for movement of household goods face-to-face. The system offers registered personnel 24-hour, web-based access to make their own moving arrangements and track shipments from anywhere and at any time.

During the initial phases, some documentation must be downloaded and brought with a copy of orders to the Directorate of Logistics Transportation office, before the move can be validated and the commercial move finalized.

The transportation office is building a multi-station DPS kiosk adjacent to our office that will be available for customers to use in the late spring or early summer. A counselor will be available to assist those that need over-the-shoulder DPS assistance or do not have access to a computer. Approximately 70 percent of all types of shipments can be arranged online, so if you are a Soldier or civilian employee expecting a move, you should go to and register for an account.

In addition to DPS, TRANSCOM has also launched the new Personally Procured Move system to improve the moving experience for service members who personally move their household goods on military orders. PPM replaced the old “Do It Yourself,” or DITY, move system.

As with the legacy system, service members using PPM can receive up to 95 percent of what it would cost the government to move their goods using a commercial carrier. They can hire a commercial mover if they choose, move some or all of their goods themselves, and pocket any savings.

Currently, a copy of orders must be brought to the transportation office to enable pre-approval and assist with advance payments if required. For assistance with the process, the transportation office encourages our customers to make an appointment to attend a briefing. Briefings are conducted weekdays at 9 a.m.

Lastly, we encourage our customers to register their household move experiences through a new online customer satisfaction survey found at The results of these surveys are important in helping DoD select the best-performing companies for future military moves. As always, we are available to assist and answer all your transportation questions either in our office located in the Copeland Soldier Service Center, Bldg. 18010, Room A104, or by calling: Outbound – 287-2200; Inbound – 288-9832; Storage – 287-4515.
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